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If you had the chance to go to some of the world’s most exotic locations, where would you go? At Downunder Travel, we can make it happen.

We’ll take you to some unique and stunning destinations, like Fiji, The Cook Islands French Polynesia, Samoa, The Republic of Indonesia, and on African Safaris.

Whether your luxury trip is spent kicking back and sipping delicious fruity drinks by the pool, on a cruise ship, or hoofing it through the jungle on an exploratory tour, the experts at Downunder Travel will make sure your trip is a memorable one. We’ll help you get ready with pre-departure essentials, like passport and visa requirements, and provide you with important information about climate and vaccinations or medical expectations.

The best part: we will assist you in planning your trip from beginnig to end. From airfare and accommodations, to outings, excurions and adventures, at Downunder Travel, we will provide you with a comprehensive travel proposal. Leave your stress behind as you take off for your family vacation, honeymoon, or solo trip. We ensure a safe, unique, and unforgettable experience, in any of the exciting destinations we sell.

To learn more about the packages we offer, or to start planning your dream vacation, contact us today at our Toronto location.


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