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Beautiful Samoa: The Treasured Islands of The South Pacific


Talofa Lava!  Is 2017 the year you travel somewhere new?  In the heart of Polynesia lie the stunning 10 islands that make up Samoa. With a 3000 year-old way of life still prevalent in the Samoan culture to this day, Samoa is not only a place of sheer natural beauty, but one of a rich culture with deep historical roots. Blessed with stunning land and seascapes, jaw-dropping waterfalls and swimming holes and friendly locals who are proud of their country; paradise can be discovered virtually all around.  Drive around the main island, tour by bicycle, visit the island of Savai’i or Manono ...or simply base yourself at one of Samoa’s many breathtaking beaches.  Relax, you’re in paradise!  


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Beautiful Samoa


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Why your next vacation NEEDS to be Samoa


Samoa is entrenched in a rich society that is governed by tradition, a close-knit community, respect for elders and a cultural way of life that is 3,000 years old!  Why else should this uber-cultural paradise be your next vacation?


1)    The Fa’a Samoa life – literally meaning “The Samoan Way,” is a guideline that all locals follow.  It includes embracing traditional values and cultural upbringing, respecting the elderly, honouring and serving family, and participating in cultural art forms through song, dance and weaving.  The Samoan way of life also includes participating in religious ceremonies, evening prayer gatherings and various religious observances.


2)    Stunning natural beauty – Blessed with an abundance of fresh water resources, Samoa has plunge waterfalls, lush well-protected rainforests rich in fertile soil and Banyan trees, lava fields, swimming holes, and a myriad of unique wildlife such as the rare Samoan tooth-billed pigeon.  Experience what life was like in ancient times by walking through the serene and breathtaking Faleaupo Rainforest Reserve where it will feel as as though time has stopped.

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3)    Keeping up with the culture’s authenticity and modesty – it is not recommended to wear revealing or skimpy clothing when visiting a local village.  As well, to preserve the cultural lifestyle of the community, it is courteous to ask the village host permission before taking any photos of the village.  This is in line with keeping the Samoan culture and history pristine and intact.


4)    Enjoy your time there – go on a jungle trail tour, snorkel, dive or join a cultural dance on a Fiafia Night.  Go fishing or hit the open road in a rental car to tour the main island as well.  Taste some of the delicious umu (earth-cooked meals) or other traditional foods of Samoa, which include root vegetables, taro and breadfruit.  You’ll never be bored in Samoa as there is much to see and do.

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5)    Souvenir and handicraft shopping – Samoa offers some of the finest handicrafts of the South Pacific!  Everywhere you turn, be it at the busy stalls of Apia’s Flea Market each week or at a festival, there are colours, intricate designs and art that provide you with cultural significance and insight into Samoa’s history.  Be sure to pick up a tapa cloth, made from the bark of a mulberry tree, or sample a delicious chocolate drink: brewed koko Samoa!


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Written by: Stephanie (Destination Specialist) Stephanie


Samoa is a truly pristine, untouched and authentic piece of paradise in the South Pacific.  Let me help get you to your new dream vacation, a place that must not only be on your bucket list, but checked-off: Samoa!