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Overlooking some of the world’s most incredible mountainous landscapes, coastal sceneries, dense forests, and flora and fauna is where amazing adventure lies.  New Zealand has every adventure, activity and extreme sport you can think of - and of course, there are ones you've perhaps never dreamt of partaking in, such as zorbing, jetboating or caving!  Adventure is all around in both the North and South islands and as New Zealand specialists, we pride ourselves in incorporating as many activities as possible in your vacation itinerary to fully capture the Kiwi experience. 

Adventure doesn’t stop there; from nature walks to camping, mountain biking, off-road driving, and more, the possibilities of adventure and amazement in the country affectionately known by many as ‘middle-earth’ are absolutely endless – if anything, finding time to cover all experiences will be the biggest challenge.  Of course, downtime can be incorporated in your trip proposal:  such relaxation time could include enjoying the calm beaches and coves or a scenic cruise through the Milford Sound or Marlborough Sounds – these regions offer vertical cliffs that are mountain peaks rising from the water and contain streams of waterfalls throughout.  A well-recommended relaxation must-try are the geothermal natural steam baths for that final “ahhh” to complete end of any busy day of adventures, or as a sweet final must-do before your vacation comes to an end.  Other cultural experiences include enjoying a Hangi meal, where food is cooked under hot rocks and viewing a Maori cultural Haka dance, which is a traditional war dance originally used on the battlefield to show a tribe’s pride and unity.

Often we’ll recommend staying in this two-island country for a minimum of two weeks just to fully immerse yourself with the locals, learn about the Maori culture, rent a car and hit the open road and whip around the scenic country on your own, stationing at several exciting places along the way – we’ll even provide you with maps, guides and anything you need to help make your independent travelling experiences stress-free.  Hobbit fan?  Lord of the Rings fan?  Never seen the films?  Not to worry, there’s plenty in the magical land of Middle-Earth for fans of every kind.  Nothing makes our team happier than to include a sprinkle of magic in every New Zealand itinerary, wuch as the sparkling glow worms that light up the ceiling of the Waitomo Caves, or grabbing a pint at the Dragon Inn, exactly where Hobbiton is located.  New Zealand is also home to a permanently set 1930s Art Deco town – Napier.  Sending travellers back in time, Napier has become a pure Art Deco city due to an unfortunate earthquake that hit in 1931 and once rebuilt the architecture reflected the time of rebuilding and never changed.  Downunder Travel is your go-to representative that’ll assist with your New Zealand vacation – we sell reputable products in the two-island country, can offer self-drives, great walks, scenic trains, bird-watching, golfing, and get you to be part of unique cultural experiences.  With our personable agents and no wait times when you call in, you’ll be in the hands of knowledgeable staff on all things for your Kiwi adventure!