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Frequently Asked Questions


We hope that we have answered any of the little questions you may have. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please call one of our agents and they will be able to assist you further.

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Can I select my seat?

Many airlines are charging their early seat selection requirements to a nominal charge. If requested, we will pre-assign your seat on your behalf. We are not responsible for seat changes done by the airline. All pre-assigned seats are subject to change without notice by the airline.

What is the difference between Economy and Premium Economy Class?

Premium Economy is a class of service on long-haul flights between the west coast of North America to the South Pacific. Premium Economy offer a spacious, comfortable experience with many of the luxuries of Business Class, without paying the full Business Class price. Extra seat width, legroom and recline, video and audio on demand and in-seat power for your laptop, are some of the features offered in Premium Economy. Some airlines will provide Business Class meals in the Premium Economy cabin.

What are the advantages of booking with a Destination Specialist?

With endless amounts of information online, it is easy to get lost in the sea of options and online reviews. Here are the top reasons why working with us will be the best decision you can make in planning your vacation.

For starters our level of experience; we make it our business to know all airline and operator options as well as the best time of year to go for what will suit your interests and budget. We’ve got all the answers to your questions and are enthused about travel. We have firsthand experience and are specialists in South Pacific destinations.

Travel agents know everything there is about travel insurance. Of course you don’t want to think about something going wrong on your trip but the reality is, stuff can happen. We can inform you which insurance policy will best suit you.

Planning a trip takes a lot of time. Life is hectic enough as is, who has time to search everywhere for the best deals, reviews, make bookings for flights, hotels, tours, train reservations and travel insurance? We do! Take a load of stress off your plate and let one of our Specialists do the dirty work for you! We’ll keep you in the loop during the entire process and ensure that the options we send your way meet all of your needs.

We work for you, not the travel companies. Our specialists do not sell you anything you don’t need. We are here to assist you in booking your dream holiday and will go to great lengths to ensure your trip is as memorable as can be. Nothing is more satisfying for us than having a happy client who has nothing but good things to say about their trip and their specialist!

Destination Specialists have the inside scoop on the deals within the travel industry. If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck,  we are the way to go. We work within the parameters of your budget and will be on the lookout for savings in any way possible for you. We can inform you when the best time to travel is – because sometimes switching your dates by one day can save you hundreds of dollars!

When is the best time to travel to the South Pacific?


Australia has many regions that are best at different times of the year. The Northern regions such as the Top End (Darwin, Kakadu), Tropical Queensland, Broome, and the Red Centre (Ayers Rock, Alice Springs) are most pleasant to visit between April through September when daytime temperatures are on average between 19°C-31°C and it rarely rains. June, July, and August are the busiest months in these parts; book accommodations and tours well in advance.

Australia’s summer (December through February) is a good time to visit the southern states of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and southern parts of Western Australia. Even in winter, these areas rarely fall below zero degrees and snow can only be found in the ski fields of the Snowy Mountains, NSW and perhaps the mountainous areas of Tasmania.

If you wish to see all the regions of Australia in one trip, the shoulder months of September, October, March and April are best as it’s still warm enough to visit the beach in the southern states, cool enough to tour the Ayers Rock and avoid the humidity and rains of the Top End and Tropical North Queensland. Wildflowers are in bloom in Western Australia during September to October as well.

New Zealand-

New Zealand is great all year around depending on what you are looking for. Most Kiwi families take their holidays between mid-December and the end of January, which puts huge demands on accommodations in major summer beach destinations. During the Easter break and school holidays in April, June to July, and September to October, it would be to your benefit to book well in advance. Ski destinations like National Park, Ohakune, Methven, Queenstown and Wanaka fill up quickly so it’s best to reserve early.  Most travellers like to visit New Zealand in the warmer months (November through March).


Tahiti is warm year round. July, August and September are the best time to visit Tahiti as the temperature is in the mid-20s and there’s little rain. It is comfortable weather for wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts. The evenings are a little cooler, but long pants or a light sweater will keep you comfortable.


The best time to visit is during the 'Fijian winter' or 'dry season', from May to October. This time of year is more pleasant with lower rainfall and humidity, milder temperatures and less risk of meteorological hazards such as cyclones.

Cook Islands-

The Cook Islands is a great destination all year round; seasonal variations are slight, with temperatures ranging between 18°C and 28°C in the winter months (May to October) and 21°C and 29°C during the summer (November to April). The Cook Islands has a pleasantly even climate year round, with no excesses of temperature or humidity. The best times of year to visit are around the months of September and October, when there's a nice trade-off between warm temperatures and reduced humidity; March and April are also good months to come, as the cyclone season has passed and the skies are likely to be clear and sunny.

Is there departure tax?

For most South Pacific countries, the departure tax is included in your airline ticket. There is no need to pay for this when leaving the country. For the most up to date information, please ask one of our specialists.

When Do I Get My Tickets?

Tickets are normally sent 2 weeks prior to departure.

Why Do I Need To Give The Ages Of My Children Whilst Booking?

Each hotel has its own pricing according to the ages of the children.  When the ages are put into the system, we will get the correct price and policy for the holiday.