Introducing Melissa Teodoro - National Marketing Manager

       Mel in Samoa                                        Melissa Teodoro - National Marketing Manager


It’s a bit serendipitous for me to work with an organization that specializes in travel to the South Pacific – I lived in Australia for eight months back in 2012 where I completed my master’s degree.  Ever since my teary-eyed departure I’ve always held a special place for Australia in my heart.  I still remember the quaint specialty cafes, and ordering a ‘flat white’ coffee just before the start of class.  I still remember the fresh-air smell of the large stretch of beach in Sydney, primarily Bondi Beach where I attended surfing lessons every Friday afternoon.  I miss biting into a succulent meat pie.  I enjoyed the lively night life and the countless events and happenings. 


Everything about Australia is magical:  From the many colour changes of Ayer’s Rock to Sydney’s glowing Harbour Bridge and the Opera House at night, to the picturesque Great Barrier Reef.  Every place in Australia tells a story.  I have this indescribable connection to Australia and getting the job at Downunder Travel was indeed destiny.   


Upon graduating, I treated myself to a South Pacific cruise and I set sail to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. When asked to recall memories of the islands’ lush tropical gardens, calm waters and uncrowded, pristine beaches, I am still awestruck of how truly magnificent these places are. 


As a National Marketing Manager for Downunder Travel, I create, plan, execute and monitor our marketing campaigns throughout our offices across Canada.  Such projects include web advertisements, website content, social media, search, advertorials, print and retargeted ads.  Most of my projects have me working alongside supportive industry partners and I feel I form special bonds with each of our tourism and hospitality friends.  There’s nothing quite like collaborating with tourism boards, airlines, tour operators and resorts and producing enticing travel packages and campaigns that stay on the pulse of the ever-changing travel industry.   


I’ve worked as a marketer for several years and every position held has led me to this ultimate destination:  the opportunity to share a feeling, to ignite that spark of inspiration and to bring every traveller to the starting point of an amazing journey.


Places I’ve been:



New Zealand


New Caledonia

Cook Islands