Introducing Sawyer – Destination Specialist

Sawyer – Destination Specialist   Sawyer – Destination Specialist


I hit the ground running when I graduated with a B.A. honours program in Travel & Tourism back in 2011 and I haven’t stopped since.  I especially enjoy self-drive vacations with touring options and excursions built-in along the way. This travel style allows for a great mixture of freedom to see whatever you’d like on your journey, alongside some “must see” experiences built-in. Planning a holiday like this is a great way to keep me on track and excited for what’s to come!


I feel it’s important to visit destinations like Australia and New Zealand for diverse landscapes, cultures and wildlife!  New Zealand does a fabulous job at embracing the native and non-native cultures and gives a great feeling of solidarity. Australians have an amazing way of making you feel at home and you’ll always feel like the locals will go the extra mile for you.  My favourite spot in Australia is Kangaroo Island; I love how the Island itself has a bit of everything with that small town feel. You’ll instantly feel like a local while taking in the national parks and farm-to-plate atmosphere.


While iconic landmarks such as Sydney, The Great Barrier Reef and the lively city of Melbourne are staples in every Australian itinerary, I’d also like to recommend, as an itinerary golden nugget, to check out Western Australia, Northern Territory and the Red Centre.  For many travellers, these regions are what pop into mind when they think of visiting the country; it’s considered by many to be the ‘real’ Australia.  If you’re thinking of visiting these regions, I suggest a key Bucket List activity: An iconic Australia train journey aboard The Ghan or The Indian Pacific!   You’ll love the comfort and solitude of your luxurious private cabin as well as the ever changing landscapes and experiences that unfold along the way.


For the rest of the South Pacific such as the Cook Islands, Fiji and so on, they all have stunning scenery too that can only be best seen first-hand.  While the brochures and images are tantalizing, they don’t give these regions justice on how truly remarkable they are.  The Polynesian people are some of the most interesting and oldest cultures in the world and definitely worth the visit for a cultural experience like no other.  I've been selling South Pacific vacations for over 5 years and happy to help make travellers' island getaway dreams come true - it's the perfect spot for a honeymoon, vow renewal ceremony or even just to simply reconnect with your partner.


 My favourite travel quote: “The things that excite you are not random – they are connected to your purpose.” – unknown.


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