Introducing Jason Webb - Destination Specialist


Jason Webb Destination Specialist                                               Jason Webb Destination Specialist


Living in Canada has been a great move for me…I had spent 6 years in the travel industry in Perth Australia prior to moving to Calgary, so naturally stayed within the industry. My first job in Calgary was at a Corporate Travel company where I spent 8 months. Corporate Travel was not fun for me, so I then found a position at a South Pacific/Asia & Africa Specialist Agency chain which I thoroughly enjoyed and have now stayed in the South Pacific/Asia & Africa Travel Industry ever since, 16 years. Being an Australian, the South Pacific/Asia & Africa are all areas that I have traveled and feel most comfortable with so it seems to work quite well for me. 

Helping my customers plan out the ultimate vacation experience to fit their individual needs & wants never gets old for me. People are always so different with their expectations in their actual vacation, however, excellence in customer service is expected by all, something I strive for daily.

Travel has been a part of my entire life, even though I never actually flew on an aircraft until I was 10 years of age, and then the next time was 9 years later! Let me explain. My Grandfather worked for BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation), which grew into British Airways, and received a Golden Handshake from them (what is that anyways?), my Aunty & 2 Uncles also worked for British Airways for a number of years, in fact one is still there after nearly 30 years. My father worked for a catering contractor at that airport for many years, loading / unloading the food & Beverages from the aircraft. One of my earliest child hood memories at around 7 years of age when my Uncle John (BA Veteran) took my sister/brother and I on board the Concorde to have a look around. We never flew on this amazing aircraft, but still an incredible experience. Since then, I have always taken the opportunity to inspect aircrafts whenever I can. Who would have guessed the Concorde was my first at the tender age of 7!

There are many people who do not enjoy what they do for a living, I am one of the lucky ones. I thoroughly enjoy what I do every day. Yes there is a fair bit of travel involved with my position. I am normally in Australia &/or New Zealand twice a year as well as the South Pacific Islands. I hit Asia & Africa every few years. I am quite often asked my favourite destination of which I have no straight answer as my favourite trips are not about the destination. Anywhere new is exciting to me. I tend to visit a lot of the same places over and over again, so new destinations are always my favourite, and traveling with my family is my above all favourite. It is expensive to travel with a family of 5, but you cannot put a price on the time and experiences you have together.


I have traveled to and able to help people with the following destinations:-

Exstensively through Australia

New Zealand


Cook Islands



New Caledonia

Exstensively through Asia





South Africa

"With over 23 years as a Travel Agent, I am sure that I can assist by adding some value and professionalism to your vacation to our parts of the world".