Introducing Angie Webb – Sales Assistant/Ticketing & Customer Quality Control

Beautiful angie     Beautiful angie

I have worked in the travel industry for about two years, but being married to an Aussie affords me a fair amount of travelling to the beautiful country of Australia and surrounding areas!  I believe it is important for people to visit Australia and New Zealand because of the great people, the diverse landscapes and the incredibly laid back cultures... let's not forget about the flat white Australian coffee, the delicious wines as well as the beautiful beaches! 


If there is one place that I’d love to visit over and over again – and even live in – it would be Perth, Western Australia.  They don’t call it Australia’s “sunniest capital city” for no reason: It’s a wonderfully tropical area, blending in city life with raw natural beauty.  Add this tidbit to your travel must-do list:  the Margaret River region in Western Australia, just a little south of Perth.  It’s renowned globally as being a gourmet wine and food destination as well as a host for many concerts, theatre performances and various artistic expressions across the region. 


As a person who enjoys exploring new terrain by land, I highly recommend traveling from Perth to Melbourne by train – it’s a long way but surely a relaxing and comfortable ride that also gives you a unique perspective on Australian scenery across the country!  Pull out your favourite novel, or enjoy a nice card game like Uno – which is easy to pack – that can keep you and your family busy during various travel times: It's what I do!


During the cooler months, the reason I prefer vacationing in the South Pacific over other warm destinations is that my family and I have total seclusion and privacy, even when on a resort.  This means: no pressure to get up early to save our chairs by the pool!  There is always a spot available and the beaches are almost always empty.  The atmosphere, of course, is relaxed, friendly and I have always felt safe and thoroughly welcomed. 


One South Pacific area in particular, the Cook Islands, is my absolute favourite vacation spot.  Relaxed, warm and happy are the words I can think of that best describe this gorgeous destination.   I would go back in a heartbeat to enjoy the white-sand and crystal turquoise waters of Aitutaki!  Photos don’t do it any justice – you have to be there to know why this place is truly a slice of heaven.  Cook Islands isn’t all about lazing around on hammocks:  There is much soft adventure to be had such as snorkelling and kayaking off the coast!   



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