Introducing Deanne – Destination Specialist

I have been working in the travel industry since 2005; my first role was a travel reservation specialist for the YHA (Youth Hostel Australia) lodging chain. From there, I continued to work at various hostels throughout Australia and eventually that led to a stellar 12-year career as a Destination Specialist for travel agencies in Canada.


I believe visiting Australia is important for travellers as this is a 'trip of a life time' destination that involves much planning and organizational know-how--which make this holiday worthwhile! The special experiences in this country are abundant and as such, you can tick off many bucket-list items too!  These must-do experiences include: feeding a kangaroo, cuddling a koala, climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and dining in the desert overlooking Uluru. Whether you are looking for pure luxury, the serenity of relaxing on a sun-soaked island, the thrill in exploring the wilderness and oceans below, adventurous activities, feasting on local delicacies or the modern-living of bustling cities; Australia is the one place where you can do it all!  ...I may be a tad biased as I am Australian myself (and proud!) and I have a ton of family there too!

Australia is the South Pacific region that stands out because you can find some of the best beaches and coastlines in the world! The landscapes are ever-changing, the crystal clear waters and colorful reefs are stunning, the country’s island getaways are pristine and the lush green rainforests in the north-eastern tropics are absolutely picturesque. Did you know? There are even snow-capped mountains in the south of Australia!


Looking for a ‘hidden gem’? Might I suggest some incredible out-door living in Australia?  No where in the world does outdoor adventures better than an Aussie!  From the beaches to the parks, as well as roadside rest areas offering free BBQ’s to use, this is the getaway for truly living like a local! You’ll come across great eats too on your journey such as some of the freshest seafood, lively 'pub culture' scenes and of course, you'll want to grab a bite out of the famous succulent meatpies (try them at the meatpie chain, 'Beefys'!).  Want to really tour the regions in the best way possible?  I recommend renting out a campervan – travelling in a campervan allows access to all kinds of regions, you really only have to unpack once, you'll save quite a bit on meals, sleep when (and where) you like, and meet other like-minded travellers or locals as you travel from city-to-city.


A travel quote I love: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – Author Unknown


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South Africa

Australia (extensively)

New Zealand

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