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Hong Kong

Information & Facts

Attraction Overview:

From its earliest days as a British colony, when China’s Qing dynasty government was defeated in 1842, Hong Kong became part of the international trade and marketplace.  A diverse heritage, Hong Kong offers a rich blend of cultures and languages, thanks to its colonial history and its high level of cultural acceptance means that multiple religious places of worship from joss houses to mosques, churches and synagogues are not far from one another.  All official signs and public transport announcements are also bilingual.


Hong Kong is mostly a sub-tropical climate, however, with four distinct seasons. Spring is from the months of March to May) with an average temperature of 17C – 26C.  Summer runs from June to August with temperatures averaging 26C – 31C (sometimes higher). Autumn is from September to November, with average temperatures being within 19C – 28C. Winter is unlike North America with temperatures between 12C – 20C (December to February).


The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. The majority of public electrical outlets (found in cafes, restaurants, public washrooms, etc.) in Hong Kong also accept a three-pronged UK-style plug.  

Getting Around:

Internationally famous for its safe, affordable and reliable public transport system, Hong Kong is great for travellers on a budget or travellers seeking to drive.  Travellers can get around by taxi, ferry, bus or tram and offer convenient payment methods including travel passes.  


At Hong Kong International Airport (or relative boundary control point), automatic sensors will take the temperature of each traveller passing through. If your temperature is considered to be high, you may need to participate in a quick health check. 

Hong Kong has world-class hospitals providing and any traveller that requires accident and emergency services can seek treatment in the city’s public hospitals for a fee.  Regardless if they can pay immediately or not, a patient will always be treated. 


The currency in Hong Kong is known as the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).  

Passport Visa:

Canadian travellers may enter Hong Kong for up to three months without a visa, provided their Canadian passport is valid a minimum of one month past the date of their return.

Upon arrival, visitors must show proof of a return or onward ticket as well as proof that they have adequate funds for the duration of their stay in Hong Kong, which can be in the form of confirmed hotel reservations, a valid international credit card(s), etc.).