21 Dec 2016

(Photo: Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort)


Why Tahiti is an IT-Destination Right Now!


It’s one of the most talked about destinations right now.  Why? Because it’s pristine and gorgeous.  It’s a secluded paradise in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.  It’s easy to reach from North America.  It’s the best way to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary or special occasion.  We all have our reasons why we’d love to visit Tahiti... but here are some reasons why it’s become more of a much-loved destination these days.


1)      Luxury all around – From overwater bungalows to The Brando – a sexy, posh all-inclusive 5-star eco-acclaimed resort on private, Tetiaroa Island – you can really immerse yourself in true opulence and grandeur!  A luxurious must-purchase item: the official Tahitian black pearl!  Treat yourself to an overwater bungalow and order breakfast by canoe: the possibilities for luxurious experiences are endless!


2)      Foodie heaven for all – You’ll love the three Michelin-star restaurants at various resorts across the islands.  Or for local flavour, don’t forget about the Papeete Roulettes, also known as food trucks, which cook up and serve delicious crepes, burgers, fish and more!  A definite must-do when you arrive!  You can also head to the sweet-smelling island of Taha’a (also known as the ‘Vanilla Island’).  Sample delicious vanilla spice while on a plantation tour then dine at a local restaurant featuring many vanilla-infused foods.


3)      Deep-rooted in a strong culture – Visit a Marae: large stone sculptures and temples that give tribute to important events such as peace treaties or to worship the gods.  From handcrafted ancient artistry that’s still practiced to this day, to traditional song-and-dance to commemorate a special event, for worship purposes or even to challenge an enemy, Tahitians have long been known to preserve their Polynesian culture through a variety of art forms.


4)      Still as secluded as it is romantic – While it’s still known to be a very romantic location (about 94% of all visitors travel with a spouse or partner), Tahiti is still a location that’s very untouched and you can travel to more remote islands as well such as Rangiroa, the second largest atoll in the world, or the unspoiled, rich aquatic ecosystem island of Fakarava!  The amount of visitors that Hawaii gets in one week, Tahiti will get in an entire year; it goes to show that you’ll never see a crowded beach.  The islands of Tahiti do not serve as a nightlife or ‘party’ destination, and you’ll get to spend a lot of much-deserved time with your companion or family!


5)      Plenty of adventure – One of the best ways to experience plenty of adventure in Tahiti is when on a cruise, such as the Paul Gauguin cruise!  Cruises offer a variety of short excursions that include off-road safaris, underwater aquabike adventures, cultural and island tours, pearl cultivation excursions, snorkelling and much more!  Of course, there are many ways to experience adventure in Tahiti when you’re not on a cruise either; talk to one of our Destination Specialists such as myself about some unique experiences in the islands of Tahiti.




Written by: Vanessa (Destination Specialist) 

I enjoy different experiences and Tahiti gives travellers nothing short of true luxury and a wide variety unique experiences and interactions.  Make 2017 the year you travel to gorgeous Tahiti!