31 Jan 2017

Why Cruising is a Great Way to See Tahiti


Pristine, dramatic and secluded – these three words define the stunning beaches and coastal scenes of Tahiti.  But if you’re like most travellers who want to capture a truly cultural experience, whilst also engaging in a myriad of unique activities and events, then a cruise might be right for you!  Here’s why a cruise is a great option.


     1.  Your accommodations go wherever you go – on top of having a floating luxury 5-star hotel so you always have a comfy room nearby, often cruises will also include all of your necessities: your meals, transportation from island to island, gratuities for wait staff and room stewards (as with Paul Gauguin Cruises), a ton of activities when sailing, and entertainment and presentations onboard, often in the evening.  In addition to providing easy transportation, your ship has facilities you can benefit from such as a fitness centre, DVD library, Wi-Fi hotspots and even a medical centre!



     2.  An easier way to travel – a variety of off-shore excursions can be available and you get to see much of the beauty that the Tahitian islands offer in a single trip!  Let’s not forget the chance to see exclusive locations, such as Paul Gauguin’s private islet, Motu Mahana, which is just off the coast of Taha’a.  Small luxury cruise ships can sail in Tahiti’s shallow waters and access intimate ports, where larger cruise ships are unable to, making your vacation that much more special.



     3.  Packing is not too time consuming for cruisers – yes, you’re visiting a nice selection of islands in about a 7-10 day period, but you’re travelling within the tropics and there’s no need for drastic changes in clothing.  Plus, you won’t need to be unpacking and re-packing with every location you visit; just unpack your suitcase, wear what you need and keep the rest in your stateroom’s closet!  With laundry and dry-cleaning services on board, you can pack less and still have fresh clothes to wear.


     4.  It’s an easy way to maximize your travels – Select one of the many pre-planned itineraries we have in our cruises tab and voila, everything is planned out via the cruise’s schedule – just be sure you know which islands you’re hoping to visit and select an itinerary to match.  Some of our cruise options also include airfare from Los Angeles, eliminating the worry of missing your cruise when you travel.



     5.  Enjoy this truly and exotic holiday to call your own – with a truly personalized, luxurious service, you can see some of the best of the South Pacific: a cruise will often take travellers to incredible and untouched regions.  Places that may take much time to research and look into, as well as things to do, are all looked after by your cruise (of course, some excursions are at an extra expense).  Make this a time to re-ignite that spark with your loved one and perhaps have a vow renewal ceremony, book a private picnic/dinner or make friends with the people you’ll be seeing regularly on the ship!



Written by: Stephanie (Destination Specialist)  

I believe it is important to move out of your comfort zone and visit somewhere extraordinary.  A cruise can give you much to see and do, which can make for an exceptional and unique holiday!  Reach out to Stephanie HERE.