Tahiti: For the Romantic and the Adventurous



01 November 2014


When you think about Tahiti, your mind immediately goes to the gorgeous beaches, the swaying palm trees, the overwater bungalow accommodations and couples everywhere.  Like anyone else, you’d associate Tahiti with romance.  I recently stayed at two ultra-romantic Sofitel Hotels.  While in Bora Bora, I stayed at the Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island Resort, which oozes with romance as it’s on a private island, settled on the edge of a gorgeous turquoise lagoon and surrounded by well-landscaped gardens. 


However... in addition to Tahiti’s romantic flare, I’ve had my share of adventure too.  Here are five activities that make Tahiti both romantic and adventurous:


1)    Jet Ski Tour

This Jet Ski excursion gives you a bit of freedom from what you can get with regular tours and excursions. You also get the unique opportunity to see the entire island of Moorea – fully – from the water!


2)    4x4 Safari on Hidden Roads

Ever wanted to know what shaped Tahiti’s culture and history? Hop on a 4x4 and explore the wildlife, the area’s flora and fauna, sacred grounds and historical landmarks such as the remains of the American presence during the Second World War


3)    Water Tours

From glass-bottom boats to view the marine life in their natural habitat to parasailing for a bird’s-eye-view of the picturesque landscapes of Tahiti, the waters are gorgeous so when you’re not swimming, it would be awesome to be on a water-based excursion.


4)    Quad Bikes

Once you’re aboard one of these puppies, you’ll experience a rush of excitement.  Travelling through the rugged grounds, various landscapes, island roads, and then upwards on a mountain path to capture panoramic views.


5)    Diving and Snorkeling

With or without a diving license, these excursions are great for both the beginners and the advanced divers and you can explore shallow waters, sunken ships and planes and bright marine life.  You can also swim right by the sharks and stingrays!


Contact me today to see how I can add some adventure into your travel plans; don’t forget to ask me about diving near ancient hidden sculptures underwater.  There’s so much to see and do in Tahiti and it’s really not only about the stretches of beach and romance!

Written By: Stephanie (Destination Specialist)   

Make every travel itinerary extraordinary because you never know when you’ll be back.  In addition to the above, I try to include a seaplane or helicopter ride too as there is something to say about seeing an aerial view of a destination!