19 Jun 2017

What to See and Do on the Main Island of Upolu, Samoa


You may not be too familiar with the paradise of Samoa and that’s alright.  Fun fact: the Disney animated movie, Moana, was based in Samoa.  But below I will share what makes Samoa an amazing destination, apart from its breathtaking beaches and outstanding fire dancing entertainment!


1.  Robert Louis Stevenson Museum – One of the first things we recommend you do when you arrive in Samoa is visit the restored home of one of literature’s much-loved authors, R.L.S.  Upon entering the home of the author of “Treasure Island,” you’ll be taken back in time with the look and feel of life during the Stevenson years as the museum replicates many furnishings and other artifacts of R.L.S.’s home. 

2.  The Papapapaitai Waterfall – quite the mouthful to say, this stunning waterfall, 100 metres in height, is an incredible sight to see and is located in the heart of much greenery.  The waterfall cascades beautifully into a deep valley below and offers a simple and relaxing way to kick back and just take in some of Samoa’s beauty.

3.  To Sua Ocean Trench – 30 metres deep with entry via a ladder; you’ll enjoy swimming in this stunning, gorgeous and iconic swimming hole, tucked away within a very lush garden.  Surrounding area includes day fales, blowholes and rock pools.

4.  Samoa Cultural Village Tour – Visit Samoa’s cultural centre and discover some of the same traditional Polynesian practices that are 3,000 years old – such as tattoo artistry or fabric design and creation – used and employed to this day!  Samoans are proud of their culture and this fun and interactive cultural centre is a great way to learn about the many traditions of Samoa. Samoa is a culture rooted in a deep history with “Fa’a Samoa” (which means, “The Samoan Way”) playing a major role in community life.

5.  Fugalei Fresh Produce Market – it’s bargain shopping time!  Best to save this part of your trip for last as you can purchase some fine handicrafts and other Samoan goods to take home with you.  Mostly, however, you will see a wide range of fresh local produce, drinking coconuts, exotic tropical fruit and of course, some cooked Samoan favourites!



Written By: Lori (Destination Specialist)  

I would love to assist planning a unique Samoan itinerary for you!  It’s a thrill to deliver a special holiday of a lifetime!