10 Dec 2015


Reconnect With Your Partner... in Samoa!

When you think of a romantic escape, instantly your mind will think of secluded beaches, going on adventures and excursions together and generally enjoying your partner’s company.  Samoa offers so much for the couple in love looking to escape, unwind and reconnect.  Below are my top five reasons why:


1)    If it’s total seclusion you’re after, Samoa provides! – because Samoa is an untouched region of the South Pacific, you’re almost guaranteed seclusion and peaceful surrounds to spend with your sweetheart.  Enjoy Samoa’s natural surrounds  -  the glistening turquoise lagoons, quiet and serene beaches, banyan groves, waterholes and so much more.


2)    Friendly locals – go where everybody knows your name... Samoa is full of smiling locals who treat you like you’re part of the family the moment you step off your plane.  A large part of the Samoan lifestyle is prioritizing family and friends as well as showing community spirit, togetherness and closeness; a kind of unity.  Visit some of the local villages as well as the churches and see the liveliness of the community.



3)    Taste the cuisine and be part of the culture fully – there’s nothing that’ll connect you more with your partner than learning something new.  Be sure to check out “umu”, a traditional feast where succulent food is cooked outdoors atop hot rocks.   Similarly, it is recommended, even if for a few nights, to stay in a waterfront or traditional beachfront villa for a truly luxurious Samoan getaway. 


4)    Go on an adventure together – Reconnect on a hike through the rainforests or visit the stunning caves and waterfalls.  Rent a car and discover the main island together for an entire day.  Adventures are best when unplanned and spontaneous!  End your activity-filled day with a luxurious spa or magical sunset cruise.  



5)    Samoa will leave a lasting impression – after you leave this beautiful country, you’ll always remember Samoa.  The Samoan way includes much art, song and dance indicative of the community’s passion, skill and enchantment.  Why not renew your vows to make lasting memories of your time in Samoa?  While not mandatory, you both can opt to wear traditional Samoan wedding attire: brides wear a “pale” (head-dress) while grooms wear the ula (a type of floral necklace).


Written By: Jane (Destination Specialist) 

Planning your romantic escape shouldn’t ever be a simple “Point A to Point B” experience.  I will always look to include many unique nuggets into your itinerary as well as give you exposure to the off-beaten path experiences that will make your getaway exceptional!