12 Dec 2016

(Photo: Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort)

Why Travelling is Amazing When You Retire!


Congratulations on completing many years of dedicated, hard work!  You definitely deserve to kick-back and relax.  There’s no better way to unwind than with a special vacation after you’ve blown out the candles on your “Happy Retirement” cake.  Here are some reasons a holiday after you stroll out of the office for the very last time is what everyone needs:


1.       Travel and stay as long as you want... because you can! – You’ve got all the time in the world to do whatever it was you wanted to do but never had the time, or you’ve had many family obligations during your working years, making it hard to escape even for just a week.  What’s great about travelling to the South Pacific is that there is almost always temperate weather so you don’t have to pack many layers, even if you’re heading to New Zealand during their winter time! Book that longstay escape too: most resorts and hotels offer discounted rates for extended stays!


2.       Discover yourself and never stop learning – Learn the Samoan language, discover ancient traditions at the many museums and palaces of Thailand.  You’re done with the 9-5 grind so now it’s time to explore, learn and expand your knowledge!  It’s always beneficial to learn through authentic experiences. 


3.       Avoid loneliness or that fear of things becoming ‘static’ – Perhaps many of your friends are still working?  Perhaps you miss the social aspect of having colleagues to talk to during your lunch breaks?  Going away will often defeat that (often unrealistic) fear of loneliness as you’ll be busy exploring, touring and generally enjoying your new surroundings and friends that you won’t have time to think about being alone.  And when you return, you’ll have many adventures and stories to share with everyone back home! 


4.       Never wake up to an alarm clock again! – Step away from routine!  And do whatever you want to do, without the repetition of the work week.  Be different: try an African Safari!  Maybe finally enjoy that overwater bungalow in Tahiti with a breakfast by canoe one morning?  Change it up; this is your time to do what you’ve always had your heart set to do—so indulge in great adventures and luxuries!  It’ll be an incredible feeling to set your own schedule (or sleep in!) and enjoy life on your terms! 


5.       There are some great health benefits associated with travel – health professionals have claimed that travel is good for the body and mind.  You’re less stressed, you're happier and you’re less likely to have ailing health when you reach later ages. 



Written by: Jane (Destination Specialist)  

Adventure, luxury and fun are all you can see once you’ve retired.  So unplug that alarm clock, pack your suitcase and make all your travel dreams come true!