17 Apr 2017

Travel Apps You Never Knew You Needed!


From banking to social media, we seem to always have a need for smartphone apps, including travel apps for checking when your flight arrives at the airport, for instance.  While there are many travel apps out there, here are some of my picks for 2017!


1) HappyCow App – Calling all those with vegan or vegetarian dietary restrictions!  If you’re on the go, visiting many places, and feel that low tummy growl, flip open the app, enter in the city you’re in and it’ll bring up a variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants (or restaurants that carry veg options) nearby.  The app can also help you find health food stores too!


2) Binaural App – Long flight ahead?  Full schedule of excursions, tours and sightseeing the next day and you need to fall asleep early the night before?  This app offers a series of repetitive sounds such as rain or various beats that can help you meditate, sleep and reduce anxiety.  You choose the sound frequency based on what you need and the app will do its thing.  You can also set timers on it in the event you fall asleep, so you won’t have to worry about the app playing all night.  Please don’t play this app when driving!


3) JetLag Genie App – Cook Islands is on the same timezone as Hawaii, but New Zealand is around 22 hours ahead of The Cooks... (it works out to just a 2-hour difference, but it's also across the international dateline!).  When travelling, it could become hard to keep track of all the time changes.  Well hello there, Jetlag Genie!  Enter in your flight info, your destination(s) and general sleeping patterns and the app would then produce a customized plan to help you fend off jetlag—so you can enjoy every minute of your long-haul vacation!


4) Noted Places App – Talk about keeping a food and venue diary—of all the few of your favourite things!  Whether it’s your top three museums or your most memorable dish at a restaurant, this is the app where you’ll always remember those special places and experiences.  Alternatively, someone could recommend a great ice cream cafe and you can ‘note it’, plot it on a map and it’ll help you better remember to check out the venue once you visit.


5) SoloTraveller App – In addition to couples and families, we also work with many adventurous solo travellers too!  This app is a fantastic way to connect with other solo travellers who share the same age, gender (great for solo female travellers to feel safer in numbers) and similar interests.  You both can arrange to share a taxi together and of course, you can share travel experiences through the app too.




Written by: Ryan (Destination Specialist)  

I travel quite a bit for work and I’m always on the go.  Having many of these apps handy on my phone or tablet provides me with some great travelling experiences!