Top 5 Multipurpose Travel Items


07 April 2014


When traveling to faraway places for adventures, like camping excursions in New Zealand or to the Australian Outback, it is often expected that we need to pack compactly But keeping our suitcase simple seems like an impossible task sometimes. Upon arrival, we tend to get that paralyzing fear of having forgotten something.

Some items, which are deemed a necessity for adventurous excursions, can actually double up (or even triple and quadruple) as other very useful items for our travel bags.This ultimately also saves you space.  


1. Versatile Sarong/Bandana

While a bandana makes you look cool and can potentially increase your travel protection (you’ll look like a tough person), you can also use bandanas for: wiping and cleaning messes (they can later be cleaned with water). As well, your bandana can serve as a sleeve for food and drinks to keep them covered, like a thermos. Speaking of cover up, you can use a bandana to cover up your airplane pillow. Another great use for a bandana is that it keeps your hair back and if worn over your head, it can protect you from getting heat stroke. As well, in emergency situations, a bandana can serve as a Band-Aid or tie.


2. Safety Pins

Safety pins are great to fasten ripped clothing items but did you also know you can use them to remove a sliver, create a make-shift fishing hook and it can act as a zipper replacement if your zipper breaks on your bag or zip-up hoodie? As well, a safety pin can help you avoid static cling when you pin it to your skirt, allowing the metal pin to act as a conductor, or driver, for static electricity. To prevent from becoming lost, a safety pin can also act as a compass – with a magnet, water and something small to float (ie: a cork or leaf), you get an instant compass.


3. Dental Floss

In addition to supporting and promoting great oral health, dental floss can be used as a knife to cut soft items like cheese. It can be used as sewing thread when your garments rip (use the safety pin mentioned above as a sewing needle). Dental floss can be used as a replacement to broken shoestring, or used as general string to tie up anything moderately heavy because dental floss is actually quite strong for such a thin cord!


4. Coconut Oil

This (vegan and gluten-free!) oil is great to use as cooking oil when you’re camping. As well, coconut oil provides relief for cuts, scrapes, bites and even dry skin; plus it’s a great lip balm replacement. For illnesses, apply coconut oil to the inside of your wrist to calm an upset stomach; alternatively, you can use a small amount in tea to cure a sore throat. Hoping to look pretty while you travel? Mix coconut oil with blush to create a shade of lipstick and shampoo with coconut oil to make your locks shiny. It’s a great product to use as shaving lotion, too!  


5. Pocket Mirror

Don’t just check yourself out every once and a while – a pocket mirror can be used as a light reflector off the sun to see something better or light up a darkened or shaded area. It can be used to start a fire if you need to cook or warm up at night and it’s a great tool to not only see behind you, but to examine small or hard-to-reach places.


Written by Stephanie (Destination Specialist)