13 Oct 2016

Stress Less with These Five Travel Gadgets


The last thing you’d like to worry about when travelling is dealing with fees due to a heavy suitcase, having to keep track of your luggage and essentials when you visit multiple countries, frying your electronics and who knows what else!  Here are some stress-free gadgets you can take with you that, um, ‘lighten the load’ stress-wise when you head abroad.


1)    A luggage scale – a handy little electronic scale can save you from airport hassles, especially if you’ll be travelling through multiple airports (and returning) and you don’t want to be hit with unexpected heavy-luggage fees.   Attach the miniature scale by the hook to your suitcase and lift it using the very-durable device’s lever to determine your luggage’s overall weight.  Being aware of your luggage weight can help avoid having to post abroad purchases home because of heavy checked baggage or paying penalties at the airport.


2)    A luggage tracking device – yep, this exists and it’s absolutely glorious.  And don’t stop at just tagging your luggage; add a tracking sticker/tag to your passport, tablet, camera, your jewellery case and wallet!  Lost-and-found apps will track where your item is and when you’re not travelling, be sure to use this tool for everyday items too such as your eyeglasses or the television remote!


3)    Heated socks/insoles – heading for a camping trip in the Outback or a remote area?  When the night falls and the temperature drops, especially during Australia’s or New Zealand’s colder months, these thermal insoles will certainly come in handy.  Some thermal insoles often come with a wireless remote control to adjust the temperatures as you need it and can be recharged as well.


4)    External battery pack – whether the battery on your smart phone was drained because you’ve taken too many photos or you’ve got a delay with a long layover time, having one of these charging packs with you is a necessity.  Travelling in a family or with a group? Be sure to get a high-capacity charger as it has the ability to charge multiple devices and still have power to last for a long period of time.  If taking around a battery pack is not your thing, a battery case for your smart phone may just do the trick (it just won’t be able to charge your other devices – but why bring more technology when you’re in paradise? :)).


5)    Plug adapter AND converter – while most (newer) devices and gadgets may automatically adapt to the voltage conversions, other electronics like a hair dryer or an electronic toothbrush can become damaged – and completely unusable – instantly.  To avoid these setbacks, having both an adapter and voltage converter, especially when travelling to multiple locations, may save your electronics and potential photo memories!



Written by: Taryn (Destination Specialist) 

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