18 Jan 2016

Things to Consider for Your South Pacific Honeymoon          

Engagement party?  Check.  Decor?  Check.  Wedding ceremony and venue booked?  Check.  Wedding attire?  Check.  Transportation?  Check.  Now you need to de-stress from all the wedding planning by planning an epic honeymoon!  If you’re thinking about going to the South Pacific, there are a few things you must consider for a hassle-free, post-wedding vacation.


1)    Make sure you’re in it for the ‘long haul’ – this isn’t a pun on those long flights to the South Pacific.  There’s a lot to see, do and take in, in these regions.  Make sure one of you isn’t putting together the majority of your itinerary.  For instance, say one of you would like to see Milford Sound by cruise and the other would like to see ‘The Sound by kayak? Ensuring both parties are on the same page of the planning process and itinerary development goes a long way, just like planning a wedding.  One way to achieve this is to hammer out several ideas (often activities that are recommended by a travel agent) and sit down together to discuss what would be best for the two of you.


2)    Casual advice from loved ones isn’t always best – No two honeymoons are created equally, nor would the same destination work for everyone, including other couples you know who’ve been to that same South Pacific region you’re considering.  Talk to your agent about some of the experiences you’d like to have and what fits your individual needs and budget and your Downunder Travel Consultant will be able to put together an itinerary that’s personalized to your needs.  You do deserve a unique honeymoon after all – perhaps do something your friends haven’t already done?  This advice is applicable to internet research as well:  It’s hard to tell if anything online is factual and/or up to date.  Don’t waste time on ‘gambling by research’ when a professional Destination Specialist with an extensive background in the South Pacific, can assist you best.




3)    The South Pacific isn’t a “cookie-cutter” vacation – while they may be similar with their gorgeous beaches, palm trees and soft-adventure activities like snorkelling... what you don’t know is the lifestyle and the people are different from other typical sun destinations.  What you’ll love about destinations like the Cook Islands for instance is how secluded the beaches are compared to other beach trips; in the Cook Islands, it is considered a ‘busy day’ if five people are on the beach, that’s how secluded it is.  Details like this, and many other specific pieces of info, are offered when dealing with a good agent who’s well-versed in particular regions and can point out the differences between destinations so you know what’s right for you.  


4)    Be prepared and plan well – planning a honeymoon shouldn't be last minute.  Plan several months in advance as you’ll need to have your honeymoon lined up and ready to start (sometimes within a week after your wedding day!) and you certainly don’t want to wait until the last minute to pack or scramble around to retrieve your passport in the midst of the wedding planning (adding unnecessary stress).  Another reason not to hold off too long: Good luxury accommodations, such as overwater bungalows, get booked up quickly too ...these are sought-after experiences made specifically for South Pacific honeymoons that you don’t want to miss out on!


5)    Enjoy the process – like wedding planning, when the stress of planning subsides and you reach your destination it will be completely worth it!  You’re marrying the one you love, you’re escaping to an exotic location and making lifetime memories!  Focus on the end result and everything comes together beautifully.  Don’t forget your camera!


Written By:  Stephanie (Destination Specialist) Stephanie

One of the things I love most about the South Pacific is total seclusion - you’ll never have to rush to ‘reserve’ a beach chair when the beaches are pristine and empty!

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