Perfect Honeymoon Destinations


11 July 2013

Most people imagine an isolated white sand beach located on an isolated light blue crystal clear lagoon, the odd palm tree, a hammock, and themselves laying soaking up the warm sun while sipping on a cocktail or two. Why not, this is what all the brochure images reflect… right?

If you were to analyze all the honeymoon brochures you will find this very image portrayed on just about every page. But in reality, this is not what you get. The reality is (in most cases) a very crowded beach, arguments over beach/pool beds, a massive resort that has over 1000 rooms and kids kicking water over you and your book as you choke on your watered down (all inclusive) cocktail.

Honeymooners look at the nice images in the brochures, on the web and so on and they imagine themselves enjoying this as their positive start to their new life together. They also look at the price tag. Let’s break down the usual thought process:-

       1. We want the romantic isolated beach with private pool so we can really connect as a newly married couple

       2. We have looked at all the options and found the romantic isolated beach at a lower price than we initially found.

       3. Even though it was not what we expected, we made the best of it, after all, it was our honeymoon.

Downunder Travel is able to deliver what you see in the brochures and online. You can be the only people on your own beach or own island, with that thatched roof Bure and a gorgeous lagoon. Is it more expensive than an ‘All Inclusive’ locations, absolutely! Will you have to sell your first born to afford this difference in your honey moon experience? Absolutely Not!

We have hundreds of honeymoon options in the South Pacific that will deliver that perfect resolve. We have stunning small boutique resorts that offer that image you are dreaming of, ranging from rustic through to 6 Star resorts. Taking this into consideration, you can have the perfect honeymoon with the isolated gorgeous beach and thatched roof bungalow, guaranteed.

Our teams of Destination Specialists in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto have traveled extensively to all these places in the South Pacific & Asia, such as:

  • Tahitian Islands
  • Fiji Islands
  • Cook Islands
  • Whitsunday Islands
  • Bali
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia


Chat with one of our Destination Specialists today to make that picture-perfect honeymoon image a reality.

Written by Jason (Destination Specialist)