28 Sept 2015


How to Pack for a Long Vacation

If you’re heading to the South Pacific, your vacation is most likely going to be longer than a couple of weeks.  That said, packing everything you need into one suitcase may seem impossible.  It doesn’t have to be.  Here are my five tips on packing for long vacations:


1)    A cardigan – while you may be going somewhere tropical like the Cook Islands or Queensland, you should still expect cooler nights.  It’s best to always pack at least one cardigan, preferably a black or natural-coloured one so it matches with all your clothing items.  Wear it on your long-haul flight with you in case the flight is chilly and then you will have more room in your suitcase!  A couple of layers works well.

2)    Bottoms  Three pairs of pants and two pairs of shorts or vice versa.  This depends on your destination(s).  If you are only visiting the tropical regions, then one pair of light pants is sufficient.  Ladies will find that a sundress is very versatile.  Blacks, whites, neutrals work best for clothing combinations.  Jeans are bulky and add weight to your luggage, so it's best to avoid bringing jeans.


3)    Five tops – Include a mix of black, white, and neutral-coloured tops and perhaps another colour of your choice (you really do only need about 4-5 tops to rotate with!). This way, you can mix and match the tops with the bottoms for a wide range of combinations - up to ten different outfits!  


4)    One bathing suit, undergarments and accessories – When you’re not wearing your swimsuit, it’s hanging over the shower rod to dry for over 12 hours, so one bathing suit is all that’s needed.  Pack about seven days worth of undergarments and rotate-and-wash half way through each week.  For jewellery, stick to the fakes as you wouldn't want the real ones to get lost. 

5)    Three pairs of footwear – flip flops, runners and fancy shoes.  Flip flops are ideal for the beaches and the poolside, the runners are for walks and excursions and the fancy shoes are for nights out.  “Fancy shoes” can even be women’s flats or men's loafers, which also work for a variety of activities aside from a night out, such as a cruise or a shopping outing.


And remember, in most places you can shop if there are any items you’ve missed such as toiletries (especially sunscreen), chargers/adapters and souvenirs (packing smart means more room in your suitcase!)



Written By: Lori (Destination Specialist)  

I get a thrill every time I put together itineraries for my travellers.  Let me design your dream vacation and then you can focus on the packing!