MUST download: Cool (and Free) Travel Apps:



09 October 2014


Just when you think you’ve got all the apps for travel – flight check-ins, e-tickets, and even restaurant apps – it’s safe to say that there are heaps of apps that continue to crop up.  And for good reason too: travel apps, for instance, simplify our needs when we’re overseas, enhance our experiences and even save us time or money. 


Here is a list of my top five FREE travel apps, suitable for most smart phones and tablets:


1. Foodspotting

This app finds you retailers that serve the food you’re craving at that particular moment, based on other users’ suggestions.  So if you’re in Australia and looking for a delectable prawn-and-crocodile dish, this app will pull up the best location, nearest to you, to get what you’re craving into your belly.

2. Google Goggles

Feel like a local by simply opening up the app and holding your phone up to a building, public place, an attraction, etc.  Google will instantly pull up information on that location (granted, the building has to be fairly well-known in order for information to be found).  However, it sure beats looking like a ‘typical tourist’ carrying a map and asking everyone you see for information!


3. Wi-Fi Finder

Note: This app must be downloaded prior to use, so be sure you’ve previously found a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to download the app initially.  Once downloaded, this app can work when you’re offline and will detect local Wi-Fi hotspots based on pre-downloaded maps!  New Wi-Fi hotspots are regularly added to the app as well.


4. Award Wallet

Never again wonder about or worry about tracking your many loyalty rewards or points!  This nifty little app will keep track of, and organize, your hotel points, air miles, purchasing credits and so on.  It will even notify you right before any expiration dates.


5. Gate Guru

This app works for you in many ways – it alerts you if there are any delays with your flight, tells you where to locate your gate and will even tell you where in the airport you can grab a delicious snack or a unique gift!  Never again will you worry about what souvenir to get yourself!


Written by: Ryan, Destination Specialist 

I travel a lot for my profession.  I visit Australia, New Zealand, or some islands in the South Pacific a few times a year and apps for when I’m working on-the-go allow me to keep organized and stay functional.  Plus, I like to stay connected with my family and friends back home.