26 October 2015



5 ways to make your South Pacific vacation INCREDIBLE


Heading to the South Pacific is an incredible experience.  But, I’ve got a few simple tips that can ensure that feeling of excitement flows through the early planning stages, your entire vacation, and even upon your return!  Here’s how you can have the BEST vacation ever:


1)    Plan and plan some more – it goes without saying that planning ahead of time keeps you relaxed, while letting the excitement for your vacation mount.  Discussing and reviewing your travel plans and finalizing them with your agent is the first step in making your dream vacation become a reality! 


2)    Be lazy and don’t regret it! – While it’s great to include a variety of tours and excursions in your vacation itinerary, be sure to include some lazy days too.  Do a full day on the beach, shop the nearby handicraft markets, see a local concert or show in the evening, or have a picnic (or three?) at a nearby park! 


3)    Sleep is good for you – try and regain regular sleeping patterns and this will help you better adjust to the change in timezone. It’s important to get plenty of rest/sleep.  Consistent sleep patterns can help keep you alert on those days when you’ve got tours scheduled!  Don’t rule out eating well either:  try to eat three balanced meals per day.

4)    Leave it in the hands of your agent – seriously!  Want to know the best part about planning a special vacation somewhere exotic?  Your agent will do ALL of the leg work; all you need to do is continue dreaming about your vacation, and delight in the experience, without the stress of planning and research (vacations are supposed to be stress-free!)


5)    Take photos – Photos equal memories and capturing as many as possible will keep the events living for years to come.  Take photos of monuments, moments, excursions, your tour guide, food... anything that will ignite those happy memories long after your return.  Put these photos everywhere: your screensaver, desktop image, dog/cat collar, iron-on tee, whatever and wherever!




Written By: Sherry (Destination Specialist)  

I have always loved traveling to new places, meeting new people and experiencing their culture.  But I especially love helping travellers get to new places, experience new things, and ultimately have the best vacation ever!