21 Sep 2018

(Photo: Tangalooma Island Resort Sand Dunes)

5 Underrated Islands in the South Pacific



The South Pacific is home to many pristine (and sometimes popular) islands, islets and beaches.  From Tahiti to Fiji and Australia, there are many places to explore.  But rather than visit where ‘everyone else’ likes to go, here are some islands we recommend you add to your itinerary for a special experience!


1.  Toberua Island, Fiji

This private, secluded island is located off the east coast of Fiji’s mainland of Viti Levu.  This idyllic pocket in Fiji is remote and offers a stunningly unique setting, perfect for celebrations of all kinds.  You can even book the entire island for a wedding, anniversary or any other celebration for all your friends and family!  Enjoy a wide range of activities too from scuba diving to eco trail hikes and visiting local villages.


(Photo: Toberua Island, Fiji)


2.  Moreton Island, Australia

At just a 75 minute cruise from Brisbane, you can find yourself on stunning Moreton Island!  Go for a day visit, or stay a few nights at Tangalooma Beach Resort and immerse yourself in true island life among stretches of white-sand beaches!  Adventures abound; enjoy hiking and walking trails, join a 4WD tour, partake on a desert journey, which includes tobogganing down sand dunes!  Don’t forget to snorkel the Tangalooma shipwrecks; a man-made wreck dive and snorkel site easily accessible directly from the shores of Tangalooma beach.


(Photo: Tangalooma shipwrecks, Moreton Island)


3.  White Island, New Zealand

This active volcano White Island is accessible from any city within the Bay of Plenty region.  An active volcano in every sense of the word, it roars and hisses while releasing 800°C gases.  Visit the scenic reserves by helicopter or head on a walking tour of the island, which leads to the large crater itself (you’ll be given a hard hat and gas mask)!  This is an extraordinary experience and a must-do!


(Photo: White Island, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand)


4.  Taha'a Island, Tahiti

This flower-shaped island is also known as the ‘Vanilla Island’ for the island’s rich vanilla fragrance that can be smelled island-wide.  Vanilla is often cultivated on the island from numerous vanilla farms and it is sought after by world-renowned chefs!  Time appears to stop on this subtle and calm island, making your vacation peaceful but also long-lasting.


(Photo: Map of Society Islands, Tahiti)


5.  Savai’i Island, Samoa

As the third-largest Polyenesian Island after Tahiti and even New Zealand, this Samoan paradise has been dubbed the ‘real Samoa’ for its untouched lush interior and incredible archaeological sites and deep history.  Plus, the island is easy to travel around, as it’s encircled by one road.  A must-see is to check out the Saleaula lava fields, where Mt. Matavanu erupted (from 1905 through to 1911) and left kilometres of molten lava and see the outlines of the five villages that have been burned.


(Photo: Savai'i inland waterfall)




Written by: Sawyer (Destination Specialist)  

What a remarkable experience it can be when you arrive in an untouched island paradise.  Let me help incorporate an island experience with your itinerary for memories you’ll have for a lifetime!