17 Sep 2015

Five tips to make your long-haul flight super comfortable


Going to Australia?  Maybe New Zealand?  Perhaps the Cook Islands or Fiji?  Wherever you’re headed in the South Pacific, you’re bound to be on a long-haul flight and you want to make that as comfortable as possible.  The trick to ensuring you are comfortable on your long flight is to keep these five carry-on must-haves with you:


1)    Keep Toiletries Handy – I’m not just talking about your toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant either (which is important to have).  Keep some lip balm and perhaps a small bottle of moisturizing hand or face cream in your carry-on for the cool draft you may feel that causes dryness.  Hand sanitizer is another good idea as well as wet wipes for spills and general cleanliness.


2)    Comfy and Warm Clothing – You may experience a cool draft on your flight and you’ll want to keep warm.  Cotton socks and a scarf are great in keeping you warm.  It’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothing like track pants.


3)    Eye Mask – This will help ensure you get some solid hours of sleep.  It’s especially useful if a neighbour has their reading light on.  And don’t forget to take a little walk around the plane for a few minutes before you settle in to sleep.

4)    Chargers and Electronics – Ensure you have all your plugs, as well as plug-adaptors and converters, for your cellphone, laptop or tablet.  Another useful charging item is a power bank for when you are unable to use any of the plane’s outlets.  Don’t forget your own headsets – the airplane’s set may not work with your devices.  Be sure your phone is on airplane mode/not roaming!


5)    Valuables and Important Documents – Expensive jewellery? A laptop?  These valuables should be with you as part of your carry-on and should be safely placed under the seat in front of you so they’re nearby and visible.   Keep your itinerary with you at all times and in a safe location that’s easy to retrieve.  This includes your receipt for your Australian Entry Visa, your passport, car rental information, your itinerary, and any tickets or vouchers you may have.  Knowing your valuables are close at hand will provide peace of mind so you can better relax and sleep on the flight. 



Written by: Ryan (Destination Specialist)  

It’s important to mention that while the flight may be long, any South Pacific destination will be completely worth it!  Remember the flight is just a movie, a meal or two and a sleep!  I love helping travellers get to their dream vacations and hearing about their memorable experiences upon their return.