25 May 2016

Five Things to Avoid When Travelling in the South Pacific


You’re packed up and super excited to leave on your far-distance holiday!  Well, not so fast.  While we’re happy to see you tick another box off your bucket list – assuming we have helped in making that dream come true – we’d also like to caution you on some major no-no’s so you’re best prepared for your adventures ahead!  Here goes:


1.       Not carrying identification on you at all times – while your passport should be kept locked away in your hotel safe, you should have another form of identification with you.  Be it a driver’s license, health card or age-of-majority I.D., there should be some sort of Canadian government identification on you at all times as you never know when you’ll need it.  Similarly, always keep colour photocopies of your passport in your purse, carry on bag or laptop case – even a photo of your passport on your phone!  In the event your passport becomes lost, this can help the Canadian Embassy assist with issuing you a new passport or temporary one.  Any medication you’re taking should be with you as well for it’ll have your name and dosage info.


2.       Over scheduling and jam-packing everything into one itinerary – we understand that you may not have much time in each city, especially when you’re touring an entire country or several destinations within the South Pacific.  However, it’s important to also enjoy your surrounds; you’ll be seeing unique wildlife we don’t have at home, forests and landscapes that are exotic, stunning beaches with the bluest of waters, local or cultural events, and so much more.  Take some time to sift through your itinerary to see what can be done in a shorter period of time or planned out with extra time to spare – a certified South Pacific specialist such as myself can help with that! – and take a breather to simply enjoy the beautiful destination(s) you’re visiting.




3.       Don’t expect to be uploading to Instagram every day – in Australia, New Zealand and all over the South Pacific for that matter, the internet connection isn’t the strongest and it isn’t the cheapest either.  While some hotels and cafes are beginning to offer free internet connections, it is best to simply enjoy your surrounds, participate in a variety of activities, continue to take many photos... then brag to your friends in person and online when you return home.  The wait for some sort of strong - or consistent - internet connection isn't worth the frustration. 



4.       Visiting only touristy locations – while it’s a fantastic idea to see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Mount Otemanu in Tahiti and Hobbiton in New Zealand... it’s also a great idea to wander and visit the off-beaten paths.  Now, please, don’t wander and get totally lost, but definitely ask your hotel concierge or some locals about events, happenings, festivals and even hiking paths, restaurants or monuments to check out that are perhaps unique or exclusive to that particular city. 



5.       Vacationing without traveller’s insurance – this is actually the top, number one mistake travellers make.  If you’re going to go all that way, you want to make sure you’re covered for a variety of things from sudden illnesses that require immediate attention (not pre-existing), flight/connections/cruise cancellations, mysterious disappearance of camera, sports equipment or other electronics and so on.  Travel insurance policies are different for everyone so it's best to speak with an agent for assistance on a policy that’s right for you.  On that note... Ask me about the time I lost my iPad and how efficient travel insurance was for me!



Written By: Ryan (Destination Specialist)

If you're travelling somewhere very far away like the South Pacific, the help of a Destination Specialist is always a necessity.  Let me help you plan for your perfect getaway and I'll do my best to ensure you'll avoid these blunders - and others you may not have thought of - so you can fully enjoy your vacation.