02 Sep 2016

Top 5 Mistakes Travellers Make When Booking Online


Sure you can find all kinds of deals when searching for flights and other vacation options online.  However, there are many advantages to booking your long-haul flight with a reputable agency.  Here are my top five reasons why booking with an agent for a flight is the way to go:


1)    Selecting the right destination – Often when booking online, travellers may accidentally enter in incorrect airport codes and cities.  Did you know that there’s a Sydney in Nova Scotia in addition to Australia?  While it’s a no-brainer to double-check the cities you’ll want to visit, when you’re going on multiple flights, checking out multiple unfamiliar regions, and touring around a large country(s), these plans become harder to track and stay organized with.  A Travel Consultant is a pro at airport codes, cities, flight paths and so on... so you certainly won’t need to worry about getting to the wrong gate/airport/plane!



2)    Having the correct documentation – Do you really know what documents to bring with you when travelling?  Do you need an entry visa for the country you are visiting?  Is your passport valid for the proper duration of your stay? Some countries even want your passport to be valid for months longer than your intended stay.  As of September 30, 2016, Canada has a new passport protocol coming into effect for passengers with dual citizenship that could affect your travel plans, especially when re-entering Canada.  Knowing all the correct documentation required before booking a flight can be timely, costly in some cases, and generally a pain to keep track of (or understand!)... and in rare instances, you can even be denied boarding altogether!  A website may not always tell you all the necessary documentation needed. 


3)    Missing out on sweet deals and 'extras'! – this is especially true with agencies that are destination experts in particular regions. They can get incredible offers and discounts as they often work regularly, or on a daily basis, with hoteliers, vendors and airlines directly.  Plus, they even have the ability to look into, and even negotiate, possible upgrades and other neat extras!  An agent can also tell you what time is best to visit a particular destination and about special events or happenings as well.



4)    Messing up on the logistics – Your Travel Consultant can help with the itinerary logistics:  everything from planning your times between connections, to self-drive routings; he or she can help with the structure of your itinerary, timing between locations and excursions, where to pick up your rental car, where to stay in proximity to the activities you’re looking to do, and so on ...so your entire vacation is structured and well planned out with leisure time to boot!


5)    Wasting your own time – We all know time is valuable. It’s the only valuable thing that you never have enough of and you can never get back.  The internet is FULL of travel related websites.  You can easily spend weeks and weeks finding different ideas, advice and reviews.  Then, you’ll spend even more time trying to ensure the information you’ve gathered is reliable or accurate prior to booking.  A Travel Specialist has already done this legwork for you and they do it daily. Why spend long hours in front of your computer when you can be excited about your trip instead? 




Written by: Ryan (Destination Specialist) 

I love working together with my travellers in producing great itineraries that perfectly fit everything they’re looking for in a vacation—and more.  After all, the South Pacific isn’t a simple getaway; this vacation is often two weeks in length and requires careful planning and know-how.  Reach out to Ryan here!