15 Aug 2016

4 Reasons Longstay Vacations Are Right For You!


“Longstay vacations” as you may know typically cover a time of about three weeks to a month in a single accommodation, sometimes even longer! It’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion, spend an entire summer or have a family reunion with your loved ones.  Here’s why I believe a longstay vacation may be right for you:


1)      You haven’t vacationed in a long time – if it’s been a good long while since your last vacation – we’re talking over three years – then it’s time to get the best out of your travels and see and do everything possible.  It’s healthy for you too; health professionals have generally claimed that vacationing can help prevent illnesses and diseases and this “reflection period” can certainly take away the regular stressors that build up overtime in our bodies, which ultimately lead to sickness.


2)      You want to fully immerse yourself within a culture – looking to vacation like a local?  A longstay holiday is what you need!  Vacationing this way helps give you a new perspective on life; become more open to change, possibility and potential. Use this plentiful time period to really immerse yourself in a culture too; find out what the locals do, attend events, shop at the local grocery stores and buy local brands/art/creations/decor.

3)      You’re celebrating a special occasion – what better way to celebrate your anniversary, retirement or family reunion than in a destination for several weeks.  If you’re looking to keep the celebratory feeling alive, there is no better way to do so than with a few weeks spent in an incredible South Pacific destination, or several, among loved ones.  Added bonus: spending time with loved ones on a long vacation can also strengthen bonds through moving out of comfort zones and shared experiences.  Try new foods together, go bungy jumping... the possibilities are endless!


4)      You’re looking for independence –Your longstay accommodations would usually be in a self-catering resort or apartment-style hotel so you’re able to cook for yourself, take care of laundry and essentially... feel like you’re in a second home.  But with much more leisure time.  Rent a car (or scooter?) and check out off-beaten paths, community centres – sign up for a class or two! – and take charge of this long getaway to do what you’ve always wanted to do on a previous vacation, but were limited on time.



Written by: Ryan (Destination Specialist)  

There’s nothing more incredible than spending several weeks in a particular destination (or a few!) and having all the time in the world to explore, learn and play.  Let me help you build an epic longstay itinerary.