Northland, New Zealand: The (Always Tropical) Bay of Islands!


From ancient forests that tell a story, to the never ending coastlines and a land that consistently stays at a subtropical climate, the 144 islands that make up The Bay of Islands in Northland, New Zealand are as beautiful as they are magical!  With paradisal beaches and a significant history, The Bay of Islands continues to enrich in the lives of visitors from all over the world.


From the fresh produce, gourmet cafes and unique art galleries of Kerikeri, to the pristine beaches and exquisite coves of Paihia, every town within The Bay of Islands has its own personality and charm. 


There is much history to grasp within The Bay of Islands as well.  The Waitangi Treaty Grounds is the very place where the British Crown and the Maori people (indigenous people of New Zealand) signed the Treaty of Waitangi, making New Zealand a British colony.  This treaty meant that the Maori people could continue to retain and run their land independently while having the same rights as British subjects.  Russell, a town nearby, is known to have been the first seaport of New Zealand, with regular arrivals of European settlers.  The town of Russell has kept its street names, original street layouts, and maintained its old buildings, which makes for a very romantic atmosphere. 


Urupukapuka Island is your place to both learn a little bit of history as well as engage in soft adventure through archaeological and historical walks.  If you’re looking to sleep under the stars, Urupukapuka Island is also known for its camping ground.


If it’s adventure you seek, The Bay of Islands is known for a variety of aquatic activities like boating, fishing and diving. 


Wherever your Northland adventure takes you, be sure to check out the ever-fascinating Bay of Islands!


Written by: Jason (Destination Specialist)   


I am quite often asked what my favourite destination is.  Being a destination specialist for over 16 years, I have no straight answer to this question but I will tell you this: my favourite trips are never about the destinations themselves; instead they are about the new experiences we have when we go on vacation – even if it’s a place we’re returning to!  It’s also about the locals we meet along the way that make our stay inviting and comfortable.  Finally, of course, a trip is great when it’s with the company we travel with – for me, my best experiences are always shared with my family.