Hobbiton Movie Set Tour!


18 July 2013

In April this year,I had the opportunity to explore Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, New Zealand. I was fortunate enough to be toured around privately by the original and very first tour guide of this amazing attraction.

Located on a farm, in what seemed like an unknown town about an hour from Rotorua, I was told of how the Scouting Crew for Lord of The Rings came through looking for a place to call The Shire. They knocked on the door of the farm house that belonged to this struggling farm to request they use the location to shoot the film, but were told to come back later as the rugby game was on at the time! Little did they know that their farm and life style was about to change forever.

The scouting crew liked this location for the Shire, all because of the Party Tree. From someone who has read the Hobbit, I can assure you, it really is everything you have imagined when you finally set your eyes on the Party Tree.

This tour is incredibly well organized. They time it perfectly so that when you come over the hill and enter The Shire, you do not see any of the other tour groups in front of you. You just see The Shire.

The Shire is perfectly built to the finest detail. They even flew in the right kind of trees to keep every detail authentic with the book. You can visit the Hobbit Holes, however they are just the fronts, there is nothing behind them except storage space. All the filming of the inside of the Hobbit holes was done in the studios in Wellington, New Zealand.

They have built the Green Dragon Pub (pictured above) which is a functioning pub where they also brew their own Ginger Ale (delicious) and you can enjoy a full selection of food. I am told that a staggering 60% of the visitors to the Hobbiton Movie Set have never read the books nor seen the films! Yet, hundreds of visitors stop by every day, year-round, and it always delivers at every level for all visitors. Feel like a kid for a while and explore a real life fantasy land while visiting the spectacular North Island of New Zealand. I would go back to Hobbiton, without a doubt!

Written by Jason (Destination Specialist)