Make Yourself Comfortable:  Fiji Airways’ Latest Upgrades



As you sit back, snuggle with your plush pillow and recline your chair, you begin reading your luxury-lifestyle magazine, FijiTime, and become immersed in the captivating travel stories.  Just a few hours later your delectable dish featuring charred beef fillet with masala chai tea rub and herb buttered prawns arrives.  This dish is offered with a side of sweet potatoes, Fijian organic vegetables and tempered cardamom jus.  Or are you having the wild fish poached in coconut herb buttered prawns, coriander, pineapple rice pilaf, alongside Fijian organic vegetables and red papaya curry sauce?


As of September 1, 2014, Fiji Airways has unveiled its latest suite of changes to its onboard passenger experience for all international flights when traveling Business Class.  This means, you could enjoy one of the new mouth-watering signature dishes as described above, designed by renowned Fiji-based chef, Lance Seeto.  Seeto says he believes this is a great opportunity to showcase the destination as well as Fiji’s diverse culture through such succulent in-flight meals. In addition to the meat and fish dishes, there is also a vegetarian option.




Other updates on Fiji Airways includes the in-flight magazine, FijiTime, offering readers compelling destination stories accompanied by breathtaking imagery. As well, there is the new Lomalagi Duty Free Shopping, which brings passengers to world-class in-flight retailers carrying both Fijian labels and well-known international brands.


The Fijian culture is renowned for its hospitality and with the airline’s newest additions and upgrades, that care and courtesy is materialized well before your arrival!


Written By:   Stephanie (Destination Specialist)     

I adore Fiji.  Every part of Fiji is brimming with hospitality and care – starting from the locals singing a warm 'Bula' welcome upon arrival to the beautiful turquoise waters and the unbelievably inviting locals.