Five Reasons Why Fiji Should Be Your Honeymoon Destination

14 January 2015


Fiji is composed of over 330 tropical islands of total happiness.  In fact, in a recent 2014 year-end global survey conducted by WIN/Gallup, the survey found that Fiji is the happiest country in the world.  So it’s no secret that going here with your sweetheart will be a happy time!  Here are some reasons why going to Fiji will make your honeymoon truly special:


1)   Cuisine

Fiji is known for having some of the best food in the South Pacific.  This is mostly due to the archipelago’s Southeast Asian, Indian, European and Melanesian influences.  Also known as a fresh food heaven, Fiji offers locally harvested seafood, fruits and vegetables.


2)   Water Sports

World-class diving happens here in Fiji.  Of course, other than diving, Fiji has also been known worldwide for its soft coral reef snorkeling as well as surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, spy boarding, fishing and small-ship cruising.  Why not surprise her with a romantic 5-day cruise?


3)   Romance

Other than its picture-perfect scenery and year-round warm weather, Fiji offers the best in hospitality, the most luxurious resorts and a true authentic experience far away from home.  Let’s not forget the infamous “fiji-time” where no one hurries, everyone is calm and content and Fiji time, in a sense, stands still.


4)   Colourful Environment

Other than your typical beach vacation, nowhere else will you see gorgeous coral reefs, lush green landscapes with pockets of the bright colours of mango and papaya and unlike your typical resort, a true sense of remoteness


5)   Sense of Community

Ever wonder what makes Fijians so friendly and welcoming?  They’re a very close knit community; everyone supports each other, looks after each other.  Fiji is a lot like one big village.  Plus they’re very welcoming to visitors!


Written By: Michelle (Destination Specialist)

I’ve been selling vacations in the South Pacific for more than three years and I have to say that a South Pacific vacation is like no other.