10 October 2015



The Cook Islands: Where are they located and what makes them so special?


Nestled within the Tropic of Capricorn, in the heart of the South Pacific, the 15 islands that make up The Cook Islands are full of wondrous white-sandy beaches filled with friendly locals, year-round comfortably warm weather, Maori culture and an all around very safe location (and yes, the islands are free from venomous animals too).  Here are my top reasons to travel to this picture-perfect paradise: 


1.    Jetlag-Free, and Perfection All Around:

Just nine hours from Los Angeles, on the same time zone as Hawaii, jetlag is barely noticeable, making your transition to island life super easy.  The Cook Islands lie approximately half way between Tahiti & Fiji, nestled almost right in the middle of the South Pacific.  The main island of Rarotonga has a population of around 10,000 people, so you’ll always find yourself on an un-crowded beach and free from disturbances – yes, with a good book in one hand and a fruity iced drink in the other, you can truly enjoy the luxury of escapism!


2.    Affordability:

The Cook Islands operate as an entirely independent country; however, the beach-filled country relies on New Zealand for many aspects of day to day life, including the New Zealand currency. This is good news for us Canadians as the New Zealand dollar is currently weaker than our Canadian Dollar. 


3.    Celebrate Any Occasion:

Be it a honeymoon on an adults-only resort, a Christmas holiday getaway or a multi-generation family reunion in a luxury longstay apartment, there is something for everyone.  The kids will love keeping active in the calm lagoons with the complementary snorkeling gear and kayaks given at most resorts.

4.    Never Be Bored

Want to enjoy more than the beach life?  There are the island treks, safari tours, the glass-bottom & sail boats, luxury yacht tours, diving and fishing excursions!  What else? Find your perfect pearl at a black pearl farm, learn a bit of history at Pa’s Palace or at Ngatangiia Harbour, or catch a sporting event at the various village grounds around Rarotonga and at the National Stadium.  Of course, if you’re into sports yourself, there are a variety of tennis and squash courts available to rent out (they come with equipment and racquets!).




Written by Ryan (Destination Specialist)    

You deserve to have a beach all to yourself and your special someone. Nobody likes a noisy, crowded beach, not to mention the lineups for beach chairs! These are never a concern in The Cook Islands!