Warm Up Your Winter...in The Cook Islands!



14 May 2014




As Canadians, we’ve endured grim winters year after year and they seem to drag on for months.  The cure for lengthy winters will always be palm trees, beautiful lagoons and peaceful, un-crowded beaches. 


Vacationing in the paradisal Cook Islands makes for the ideal escape as the 15 islands relish in year-round warmth and sunshine, with the average temperatures reaching around 28°C between the months of December and March.  The Cook Islands are safe as they are clean and free from venomous animals and insects.  As well, you can enjoy renting and driving a car, hassle free, within the Cook Islands using your home country’s official driver’s license (no need for additional paperwork or a driving test!).



Other reasons the Cook Islands are ideal for vacationing:


  • Only a nine-hour flight from L.A.
  • Accommodations include self-contained units equipped with full kitchens and amenities for luxurious, condo-style living
  • The currency in The Cook islands is the New Zealand dollar, making the currency as strong as the Canadian dollar
  • Many large stores and duty-free shops for convenient purchases during your long stay
  • World-class snorkeling
  • Quiet and deserted beaches always
  • Population of only 10,000 in Rarotonga               



Written By: Jason (Destination Specialist)

I am quite often asked my favourite destination of which I have no straight answer as my favourite trips are not about the destination. Anywhere new is exciting to me. I tend to visit a lot of the same places over and over again, so new destinations are always my favourite, and traveling with my family is my above all favourite.