Uluru - Sunset vs. Sunrise


23 September 2013

Being my first time to Ayers Rock, I was really not sure whether to do the sunrise or the sunset tour of the Rock so I conducted some research before departing which lead me to doing both.

Time of year being mid-April, the weather was a little cooler than normal with just a few light clouds on the horizon. Not a breath of wind though.

I am told that it is hard to judge as you never know what tricks the sun will play on this mystical phenomenon. However, on my visit, it really did not matter whether it was the sunset or the sunrise, as there was no difference in the sight that I took in. However, in saying that, it truly is an amazing scene to be at Ayers Rock for either Sunrise or Sunset.

They have some viewing platforms set up in key locations for the many photographers (the amateur and the professional alike) all standing around waiting for something spectacular to capture on film, displaying them proudly on Facebook as though they are the only ones who were able to capture the moment in its true essence.

The truth of the matter is that it is not necessarily the sunrise or the sunset over Ayers Rock that is magnificent. It is the Great Aussie Outback and Bush Scene that makes it spectacular. Imagine if you took Ayers Rock and placed it in the middle of Saskatchewan, it would not nearly be as inspiring without the Aussie Bush and Outback surrounding it.  

At the Sunrise Rock viewing, I noticed that the viewing platforms are actually on the East Side of the Rock, so from this perspective, the sun does not actually rise over the rock. It rises from behind the viewing platforms. It was only the eye of the keenest photographers who noticed the spectacle that can only be captured in the Australian Outback… the sun rising over the Bush and scrub creating a silhouette like no other.

In short, I was not privy to any changing colours or moods of Ayers Rock during my viewings, so cannot report on whether or not sunset or sunrise is better.  Like most visitors before me, I can only advise that you do both and judge it for yourself. Just don’t forget to turn around and capture the sun rise over the Beautiful Australian Outback.

Written by Jason (Destination Specialist)