Stephanie's Australian Adventure


30 April 2014

From Kangaroo Island to the Whitsundays, I must say this was an excursion that’s given me a completely new outlook on key Australian places! And I’ve been there before, too, which is exciting when you can return to favourite destinations and still learn new things each time. Spending a few days in the laidback community-minded Kangaroo Island afforded me the chance to make it to Remarkable Rocks – an area filled with nature’s creative “art”, inscribed on large rocks that have been carved, formed and “styled,” if you will, over millions of years of erosion from wind, sea water and rain.

Upon visiting The Whitsundays, I was completely in awe of how perfect the scenery is – the still waters, soft sand and always-glowing sun – often telling my staff that, “there is no such thing as a ‘bad photo’ when you capture images of the Whitsundays”. It is just that beautiful! Within the Whitsundays, I’ve traveled to both Whitehaven Beach and The Great Barrier Reef. 

If I could make a recommendation, I’d say you definitely need to take a seaplane to see The Great Barrier Reef from above as it offers spectacular views! The romantic in you would also love the views of the wonderful Heart Reef as well, which is shown when you’re on a seaplane tour. Seeing the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding area is by far a much better view by seaplane than what you could ever possibly get at ground-level or from the water. And if it isn’t the astonishing scene that’s so enticing, the locals even appear to love where they live too. In fact, the seaplane operator was telling me that he finds himself “bored” on weekends because his job, which involves taking travelers to-and-from The Great Barrier Reef daily, is fulfilling enough, ultimately making his workweeks much better than the weekends!

Did I also mention that the beaches of the Whitsundays aren’t super hot like most beaches? It’s a mild kind of hot, not sticky or humid, which is comfortable. Whitehaven beach in particular offers fine sand – this sand contains 98% silica making it a bright white colour and its texture is so soft that you feel like you’re walking on flour... the sand even squeaks as you walk!


Written By: Stephanie (Destination Specialist)    

Wherever Stephanie goes, her travels lead her to taking multiple transit options within each location to fully experience a destination in the best way possible – this includes everything from guided tour buses, to seaplanes, trains, cruises and self-drive tours.