17 June 2014


The Bolded and the Beautiful – Northern Territory, Australia



When it comes to Australia, I know just about everything there is to know.  I’ve set foot on many of the country’s key landmarks, off-beaten paths and of course, I’ve had my fill of toothsome, fresh food, made all over the country. 

But even after being a well-rounded Australian traveler (and, of course, specialist), I like the little surprises and that catch me off guard every time I return. Recently, I was traveling through the historic and magical state of the Northern Territory of Australia and the new experiences I’ve gained were absolutely astonishing.


Put Kings Canyon on your must-see travel list and circle it in gold!  Kings Canyon has some of the best glamping accommodations you’ll ever experience.  You get a well-air conditioned tented cabin, the best en suite facilities and dreamy views of the outback’s natural landscape. 


Don’t forget to do some walking tours along Watarrka National Park and the various sacred aboriginal landmarks throughout.




Alice Springs is the perfect place for a guided-tour to see aboriginal landmarks, hear traditional stories and visit key Australian heritage sites as it is the central hub of the Australian Outback.  There is a ‘downtown’ part of Alice Springs and the town boasts a neat little shopping and restaurant area and it offers visitors free Wi-Fi! 

Anzac Hill is where you’d get your fill on true Australian history.  It’s a definite must-do as it’s this memorial, unveiled on Anzac Day in 1934, that honours Australians, past and present, who have fought for their country.  In addition to this historical monument is the breathtaking panoramic overview you get of the entire town of Alice Springs.


Written by:  Sherry Brillon (Destination Specialist)   

I am a firm believer in traveling for the experience, rather than traveling solely for the destination.  While traveling to various destinations for their attractive qualities is great, you will always keep the new experiences and new friends you make in your heart forever.