Ryan's Secrets of Victoria


23 April 2014


And we’re not talking about the retail store with the words “secret” and “Victoria” in its name! We’re talking about traveling to the state of Victoria in Australia and some of the visual treats you  get along the way! Aside from the usual touristy places like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square and the National Gallery of Victoria, while these are great attractions, I'd like to give you some insider info, or rather, sweet details on some of Victoria’s off-beaten paths and hidden gems that most travel specialists won’t tell you about.


1. Koala Forest 

In between Cape Otway Lightstation, Australia’s oldest lighthouse, and Apollo Bay, lies the Otways forest, which holds the biggest congregation of wild Koalas! That’s right; you can see these furry creatures within their natural habitat. They usually sleep for 16-20 hours a day, but bring your camera in the chance that you could see one hanging out with friends or looking for eucalyptus to eat!


2. Guided Walks of Lanes and Arcades

This is a must-do within the city of Melbourne. While you’ve heard of the city of Melbourne, you might be curious to know what it is that makes this city so special. A guided walk will take you to the city’s specialty cafe, help you learn about the city’s history and take you to visit other specialty retailers, artists and designers.


3. Penguin Viewing Locations

Most tours that take you to see the penguins on Phillip Island, your viewing is often separated or partially blocked off from seeing the actual penguins. However, with select tours that Downunder Travel works with directly and exclusively, we get you to Phillip Island and bring you up-close with the penguins on the beach!


4. Self-drive Tours

This is a great way to do sightseeing on your own terms. However, I recommend that if you do a self-drive, to drive out to the furthest point on your tour and work backwards from there to visit key locations- this avoids crowds and other time-consuming things that may crop up along the way to-and-from.


5. Nearby Wine Regions

When looking to explore a wine region during your downtime, a convenient place to check out is just outside of Melbourne. The wine region there is approximately 45 minutes outside of the city of Melbourne, which makes it a very convenient place to travel to unlike other wine regions throughout Australia that are far away from main cities.


Written by: Ryan (Destination Specialist)    

Ryan has always made it a priority to experience a city’s local history, culture and “hidden-gem” specialties that are unique to every location. Regardless of the destination, Ryan believes you should forever look back on every trip by its unique and unforgettable experiences as souvenirs and storytelling instruments for many years to come.