Why Travelling to Australia After you Retire is Awesome



23 December 2014


Australia has always been known as one of the most liveable places in the world.  With its many sights, landscapes, unique wildlife, and things to do, as well as the country’s many renowned restaurants and cafes, there’s a whole world out there – on this continent, island and country – waiting to be explored. 

Here are a few (and great) reasons why you need to travel to Australia immediately after you retire:

1)   Rich in History – With ancient stories and traditions that date back to at least 50,000 years ago, it’s like learning through experiencing.  Learn about the aboriginal people of Australia, discover ancient secrets, see well-adapted wildlife roaming by and be up-close to historical (and often sacred) landmarks such as Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and the world’s oldest living rainforest.

2)   Part of the Commonwealth – like Canada, this country is represented by The Queen of England, the locals are very friendly and the country is generally a safe place to be.  And like our dollar bills, Australian money is colour-coordinated so shopping is easy.  However, the dollar bills are very durable (in case you accidentally jump into the pool with your cash in your pocket!). 

3)   The Climate – Unlike Canada, you’ll never have to endure super cold winters.  Even if you went there in June or July – the height of the Australian winter – you won’t ever feel super cold.  Usually in Australia’s winter season all you need is a warm sweater and casual pants or jeans. 

4)   Affordable Internal Flights – Let’s say you wanted to travel from Sydney to Perth.  Internal roundtrip flights around Australia are roughly $400 each compared to travel within Canada where roundtrip flights are roughly $600 each.  Huge savings considering Australia is much larger than Canada.

5)   Endless Soft Adventure Activities – be it a luxury dinner cruise overlooking the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, or dinner and sightseeing aboard the Ghan or Indian Pacific enjoying one of the real iconic rail experiences through the Outback.  


Written By: Lori (Destination Specialist)

I return to the South Pacific year after year to keep my knowledge in the industry current.  I consider stunning Sydney to be my home away from home and climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a major highlight for me!