14 Sep 2016

Five Non-Touristy Things To Do in Melbourne


You may already know about the many attractions of Melbourne: Little penguins at Phillip Island, the colonial tramcars, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the lanes and arcades, and so much more.  While these are great and come very highly recommended, there are many other activities for travellers that aren’t super ‘touristy’ and make you feel like you’re... well, one of the locals!  This especially rings true when you're in Melbourne on a Longstay Holiday.  Here are my top picks of non-touristy activities in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne:


1)      Blend in at the bookstore or library – Nothing says “I’m from around here” more than by getting lost in a good book at one of Australia’s best bookstores or libraries, such as Readings or the State Library of Victoria.  This is especially useful if you’ve got a bit of spare time during your vacation, a free day (or if it happens to be a rainy day too?)!  Alternatively, you can spend some time at one of Melbourne’s boardgame bars and cafes and play some of the classics such as Guess Who or Connect Four.


2)      Go cycling around the city! – While being on vacation, or a longstay, is mostly about relaxing, dining and new experiences, cycling via Melbourne’s Bike Share system is a great way to explore the city on your own terms, become familiar with your surroundings (so it feels more like home) and keep active and fit at the same time.  It sure beats walking around with maps, asking for directions and hailing down cabs! 


3)      Perusing the markets – While the Queen Victoria Markets and the Laneways and Arcades scream “tourist hot spot”, check out the lesser-popular markets (they’re still pretty charming!) such as the Fed Square Book Market, the long street of shops at the Chapel Street markets or one of the many outdoor marketplaces featuring fresh foods, artisan creations and other great treasures.  You can also spend some time simply wandering the streets of Melbourne’s CBD and see what unique shops you can find. 


4)      Sporting events! – From cricket to tennis and even the Australian Grand Prix, live it up like the rest of the city and get tickets to one of Melbourne’s many events happening virtually year-round in various city venues.  Really blend in... grab a jersey too and cheer for one of the local teams!


5)      Enjoy the rooftop views – Melbourne’s got a ton of rooftop patios, restaurants and bars where you can kick back, listen to live music, and take in fabulous city views (especially at night!).  If you’re travelling to the city between the months of November and March, be sure to catch a movie under the stars at Rooftop Bar & Cinema at Curtin House. 




Written by: Vanessa (Destination Specialist) 

I love to give my travellers a full experience – both the popular locations everyone loves to tick off their bucket lists, as well as those one-off, unique locations that travellers can truly call their own.  Contact Vanessa HERE!