Lucky Enough to see Lucky Bay?




August 13, 2014


With gorgeous stretches of powder-white sand and comfortable camping grounds, those who make it to Lucky Bay are certainly ‘lucky’ to have stumbled upon this little paradise along the coast of Cape Le Grand National Park and Esperance. 


Holding the title of Australia’s beach with the whitest sand, Lucky Bay has whiter sand than The Whitsundays and Whitehaven beach, the perfect swimming conditions with the beach’s calm, clear waters, and an inviting atmosphere with rarely any crowds – However, kangaroos are often spotted just lounging on the beach!                          



If it’s a little bit of soft adventure that you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy the various aboriginal walking tours as well as eco tours like the Kepwari Wetland Walk Trail, which aims at educating visitors and locals alike on the threats to the area’s native vegetation, as an example


As well, Lucky Bay is a great place to enjoy golfing, cruising, wreck diving and other exciting activities that await you (for instance, you will find an unbeatable selection of fresh foods, especially world-class Australian wine!) in the luckiest beach in Australia!

Written By: Jason (Destination Specialist)      

I’m certainly lucky enough to sell vacations to beautiful, often remote, untouched areas such as Lucky Bay in Western Australia.  I’m also extremely lucky (and proud) to have come from Western Australia myself and I look forward to helping you create your most ‘charmed’ vacation!