March 2, 2015


Five Healthy Things You Can Do in Tasmania


You can keep fit and healthy even when on vacation!  Tasmania, an island-state just to the south of Australian’s main land, is a place where you can enjoy fresh food, World-Heritage wilderness walks and relaxing (but breathtaking) coastal views.  Here are a few more health and well-being nuggets I’d like to share about this beautiful state:


1)   Fresh Food

From organic farms to fine fresh produce, Tasmania has its roots in small-scale farming and production, making for great healthy eats.  This goes hand-in-hand with the state’s cool climates that ultimately make for the perfect glass of pinot noir and sparkling wines.


2)   Iconic Walks

From the Freycinet Experience Walk covering the Freycinet Peninsula and majestic Wineglass Bay to the Overland Track where you can come across some of the world’s most ancient landscapes, Tasmania is a hub for healthy walks and outdoor activities.


3)   Take a Time Out

Whether it’s a day at Wineglass Bay beach, exploring the exotic and native plants at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens or perusing Tasmanian arts and crafts and unique collectibles at the Salamanca Markets, there is much to take in and be in the moment, in Tasmania.  Don’t forget to enjoy a day of relaxation in some of Tasmania’s luxury day spas.



4)   Stimulate your Mind

Being healthy starts with the mind.  Enjoy world-class museums, festivals, concerts and galleries and open your mind to different kinds of art and creativity.  MONA (Museum of Old And New Art) will definitely give you pause to reflect.


5)   Vacation Your Way

Try a self-drive and vacation your way! Without following any defined schedule, you can enjoy the temperate paradise of Tasmania’s East Coast parks, or the heart of Tasmania, River’s Run, which takes you through tranquil rivers and scenic landscapes.


Written by: Georgia Sibley 

If I could go back to the South Pacific, I’d go to Tasmania!  Tasmania offers some of Australia’s most diverse, remote and wild outdoor experiences, and an abundance of natural splendour.