25 November 2015


Handa Opera Returns in 2016!

You may remember my last post on Handa Opera 2015, about the stunning production of Aida.  The 2016 show – now in its fourth year – is shaping up to be yet another major hit with audiences from around the world.  This year’s production presents Turandot: a love story that's also marked with much tragedy and sorrow.


The story is about Turandot, a beautiful but cold-hearted princess who challenges her many admirers to answer three riddles in order to obtain permission to marry the princess.  None of her suitors have been successful in answering her riddles, resulting in their death.  Calaf, a brave prince from another land with a few quirks of his own, surprisingly answers the princess’ riddles correctly.  Although triumphant, Turnadot still refuses to marry Calaf. So Calaf challenges the princess to his own riddle in return – which could endanger the lives of many, not just his own.

This production was directed by Chen Shi-Zheng, a Chinese director who grew up during the Cultural Revolution in China.  Zheng’s work draws upon themes from the Cultural Revolution in China and beautifully merges both Chinese and Western artistic approaches in his work.


This brilliant performance will run from 24 March 2016 - 24 April 2016 and will once again be outdoors, overlooking the stunning Sydney harbour.  This outdoor ‘pop-up’ venue can seat 3,000 and includes five food and beverage venues, sparkling wine outlets, merchandise outlets and bathroom facilities.  You’ll enjoy being part of the best that Sydney has to offer, all in a single evening: singing, sunsets and sparkling wine!  Sit back and enjoy a preview of this incredible event: 

Let me add this magical outdoor performance to your Australian itinerary!


Written By:  Ryan (Destination Specialist) 


When visiting a destination, it’s important to look into some of the concerts, shows and other special events, as these will be an added bonus in making your holiday not only unique, but absolutely amazing!  Plus, special events are sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that aren't always repeated.