Aida Performing at the 2015 Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour



August 27, 2014


Handa Opera, captivating audiences every year with opera and theatre art productions against the backdrop of the gorgeous Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House, will feature Aida performing on stage from March 27 to April 26, 2015.


As the third opera to be performed in the outdoor theatre, Aida will be the biggest production hosted of the three thus far and production and costumes were made and designed specifically for this show.


If you’re not familiar with the famous Italian play from 1871, Aida is a story about a complicated royal love triangle between an Egyptian commander, a Pharaoh who loves the Egyptian commander and the Egyptian commander is instead in love with an Ethiopian princess who’s held captive by the Egyptians.  Exploring issues surrounding loyalty, war and love, this is a moving performance that will keep you enchanted the entire time.

The event beautifully marries Sydney’s lively culture – the city’s admiration of theatre arts and opera, champagne and fine dining.  Expecting to be the biggest opera performed at this yearly festival, the season has been extended to four weeks to accommodate the increased demand of Sydneysiders and visitors alike.


Last year’s production entertained over 40,000 spectators, just to give you an idea of how popular this event is!  I’d love to incorporate this magical event into your Australian itinerary next spring.


Written By: Ryan (Destination Specialist)       

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