06 July 2015

Why You Should Visit Thailand When You Retire


Retirement is the time when you can reap the rewards of your hard work.  You can now kick back, relax, enjoy more time with loved ones ...and embark on a journey to places you have never visited.  Here are our top five reasons why Thailand should be a priority to visit upon retirement.


1)    A place of peace and tranquility – If it’s not the gorgeous palm-tree fringed beaches of Phuket or Koh Phi Phi that lure you, it’s the Buddhist religion that the Thai people follow: it’s a religion based on giving oneself an inner serenity and peacefulness, which is great in today’s modern world that seems rushed and frantic.  Be sure to go on a meditation retreat or enjoy a Thai massage, as these things will truly relax and rejuvenate you – you deserve it!  And you’ll appreciate the happy culture as no matter where you go, the locals will always greet you with a smile (after all, internationally, Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles” for a reason).



2)    Thailand is affordable – Enjoy Thailand’s relatively cheap shopping, bargain street food and inexpensive transportation!  Shopping is unavoidable in Thailand as there are souvenir shops, jewellery shops and so on at almost every corner!  Bargain shopping is great too as you can get up to 40% lower than the original asking price.  Another tip in obtaining a bargain is to arrive at a marketplace when it opens – vendors will see this as a sign of luck that will give them a prosperous rest-of-the-day. 


3)    Don’t worry about the winter – Thailand’s climate is based on three seasons: hot/dry season, wet season, and the cool season (temperatures ranging from 18 – 34 degrees Celsius, inclusively).  Take in all the beauty that Thailand has to offer comfortably without having to pack or bring along heavy clothing to see some of the country’s many beaches, golf courses, forests, festivals, and attractions! 

4)    Visit one of Thailand’s palaces and fully immerse yourself in the Thai culture – Part of visiting Thailand is obtaining a total cultural experience.  Thailand has many cultural activities such as elephant treks, cooking courses and temple tours.  Thailand is one of the only Southeast Asian countries that has not been colonized by Europeans and is run by a constitutional monarchy to this day, making the country known worldwide for its many palaces and temples, in keeping with the traditional Thai culture, such as the Wat Arun or the Wat Phra Kaew.   


5)    Thailand is easy to get around and be mobile – whether it be by Tuk Tuk (three-wheeled pedi-cabs), long tail boat to island hop, local share taxi, or by public transit (bus or train), there are many forms of reliable transit systems within the country that can get you to key attractions, festivals and events.



Written by:  Lori (Destination Specialist) 

I have always had the travel bug and I love to experience what other cultures have to offer. I am thrilled to help you plan your next amazing adventure!