02 July 2015

Thailand... Why Not?  Five Reasons Thailand Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination!


From ancient cities to floating markets, gorgeous landscapes and magnificent palaces, Thailand is the destination that truly offers you something unique.  Here are our top five reasons why Thailand should be next on your travel list:


1)  It makes for the most relaxing escape – If you’re looking for the perfect place to relax, unwind and unplug – unless you’re uploading photographs to Instagram, in which case you need battery power! – look no further than Thailand’s many mountainous hideaways, beachside resorts and quiet lagoons.  Thailand has a myriad of spas, sure to take you away from your worries thousands of miles back home making your vacation time extremely blissful!


2)  Ancient ruins and historic palacesThailand is rich in history and many of its ancient landmarks are still around today.  Consider the city of Ayutthaya: During the 1300s when the Burmese attacked the city, it was burned to the ground.  However, what survived – now one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – are many underground temples, palaces and Buddha statues.  As well, be sure to visit some of the hill tribe villages and meet members of their communities.  Did you know?  Chiang Mai was founded in the 1200’s – this old city’s 700th birthday was in 1996 – so there is much history to explore! 

3)  Opportunities to do lots of shopping – From the bustling street vendors to the floating markets – vendor kiosks set up on boats, floating in the water – to special shopping events such as the Chiang Mai Bazaar and the Asiatique Night Market, there are plenty of opportunities for souvenir shopping!  You can pick up a one-of-a-kind item such as handicrafts, silverware and wooden carvings  to take home with you as well as fresh produce to keep you rejuvenated during the day.  Be sure to start early in the morning to avoid the heat!


4)  Many pristine beaches and island-hopping opportunities – Thailand has thousands of amazing and world-famous beaches such as Koh Phi Phi island where the movie, “The Beach” was filmed.  Phra Nang is great for hidden coves and rock climbing and it’s the perfect beach to rent a kayak and paddle to such hidden coves.  If it’s total relaxation on a beautiful, near-empty beach you’re seeking, then we recommend Kantiang Beach.

5)  Be part of the culture by visiting many festivals and events – If you’re travelling in November, the world-famous Loi Krathong festival – where people will light a candle in a krathong (banana leaf lantern), launching it to sail over a river or pond while making a wish – occurs with the belief that problems will simply ‘float away’ in worship of the Water Goddess.  Similarly, the Yee Peng festival uses fire to launch a hot air balloon-like lantern into the sky, while praising the Buddha.  Not travelling in November?  There are many events in Thailand you can enjoy such as Songkran Festival, Candle Parade, and Phi Ta Khon to name a few.



Written By:  Jason (Destination Specialist)

I am often asked what my favourite destination is. Of course, I have no straight answer to such a question but I will tell you this: Anywhere new is exciting to me. And I often encourage our travellers to try something new, go somewhere they wouldn’t have ever thought to; add something different to your itinerary as that will give you unexpected (great) surprises and the greatest returns!