30 June 2015

Thailand... A Place of Unique Adventures!

Want to travel somewhere unique and different, while offering yourself a ton of adventures that also keep you active?  From mountain biking to visiting sacred caves and exploring the deep forests, Thailand’s got your exotic adventure travel needs covered!


1)   Exploring the caves – There are a variety of caves throughout Thailand, many of which are considered to be sacred, magical and religious.  Many of the religious caves are actually underground temples for meditation and Buddhist activities and they’re quite the sight to see in person.  From ancient sculptures, prehistoric paintings, burial sites more than 3,000 years old to in-house rivers and ponds, the underground caves are definitely worth the visit!


2)   Mountain biking – We highly recommend that at some point on your Thailand journey you rent a mountain bike!  This is an environmentally-friendly and healthy way to explore some of Thailand’s great beaches, lush rain forests (northern Thailand), and the rest of Thailand’s exotic and beautiful natural landscapes.  Not much of a cyclist?  No problem, there are moderate cycling excursions such relaxed pedaling, cross country cycling – always ask your tour guide about trail conditions and difficulty levels before going on a mountain bike tour.


3)   Exploring the jungle – 25% of Thailand is made up of natural forests, with over 100 national parks.  Covering ground in any of these natural playgrounds give you a fantastic opportunity to be up close and personal to some of Thailand’s flora and fauna and mountain ridges.  You can do these treks on your own or through a guided tour.  Enjoy stunning greenery, visit remote hill tribes or simply take in all of Thailand’s natural surrounds and fresh air, while getting a great workout at the same time. 


4)    Taking ‘The plunge’... or abseiling – Mountaineers, rock climbers and adrenaline junkies unite!  This is a thrilling activity that gets you down a treacherous cliff or cove while being safely attached to a secure rope and harness.  Take your abseiling to a whole new level – try repelling down and through a 35-foot powerful waterfall at the Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai!


5)   Meditation – while you may think that this isn’t really an adventure-filled activity, meditating is a great way to take in your surroundings and reflect on your adventures during your stay in Thailand.  As a Buddhist nation, Thailand has myriad of temples and places of worship that encourage deep mediation and total relaxation of the mind – which is a great way to rejuvenate yourself before your next thrilling adventure!  We recommend going on a meditation retreat to clear your mind and give yourself a sense of clarity and peace.



Written By:  Stephanie (Destination Specialist) 

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