30 Mar 2017

Five Unique Shopping Experiences in Thailand


When travelling abroad, it’s always nice to experience a new culture, explore unique areas, learn something new and, of course, find special keepsakes and souvenirs to take home as a way to always remember your travels.  When it comes to shopping, there are no shortages in Thailand with some unique ways and places to purchase goods!


1. Visit a Floating Market – Be it the Damnonen Floating Market, the most popular of the floating markets in Thailand or the Khlong Lat Mayom market, which is known for its authentic small-town market feel, these are loved by locals and tourists alike.  Floating markets offer fruits, vegetables, juices, and foods cooked right at the vendor’s boat stalls!  Be sure to arrive early, well before the crowds come for a great experience!


2. Night Markets are a Must-See – With that festival-type atmosphere, you’ll love the many colourful vendor stalls (as many as 15,000 in some marketplaces!) and the fun products, snacks, vintage items and musical entertainment that plays throughout.  It’s the perfect way to really experience a truly Thai shopping extravaganza! 


3. Incredible Street Food – Thailand’s got some incredible food stalls that line many of the streets, offering everything from desserts, noodles, meat, veggie dishes and so on—with some stalls offering very exquisite options that are sometimes better than what top restaurants provide.  If you’re hungry, you won’t have to search far for some delicious eats; food stalls are virtually all over many of Thailand’s main cities!


4. Good Ol’ Air-Conditioned Shopping Malls – Great for those rainy days, or if you’re a little homesick and looking to check out some familiar brands you already love back home; these malls are enormous, they’ve got multiple storeys and they’re all over the main city of Bangkok!  Shop at Terminal 21 for a special worldly experience: each floor represents a different country and carries items from said part of the world!


5. Haggle for Bargains and Deals – a great place to get a great bargain, or to negotiate and get great deals is the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok!  Offering one of the largest and most diverse marketplaces with products ranging from antique items to clothing, ceramics, books, pet supplies and other products (organized into sections to help you find your way), this market offers so much!  It’s a shopper’s delight and you’ll find some of the best deals around on virtually anything!


Written by: Sherry (Destination Specialist) 

When on holiday, I like to say it’s more about the unique experiences I have that really make my travels so memorable and give me great stories to share with friends and family back home.