Upolu To Sua Ocean Trench SAMOA


Beautiful Samoa: The Treasured Islands of The South Pacific


Talofa Lava!  Is 2017 the year you travel somewhere new?  In the heart of Polynesia lie the stunning 10 islands that make up Samoa. With a 3000 year-old way of life still prevalent in the Samoan culture to this day, Samoa is not only a place of sheer natural beauty, but one of a rich culture with deep historical roots. Blessed with stunning land and seascapes, jaw-dropping waterfalls and swimming holes and friendly locals who are proud of their country; paradise can be discovered virtually all around.  Drive around the main island, tour by bicycle, visit the island of Savai’i or Manono ...or simply base yourself at one of Samoa’s many breathtaking beaches.  Relax, you’re in paradise!  


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Beautiful Samoa